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How To Add A Non-Gmail Account To Gmail

Recently a colleague of yours, noting that you usually consult your email accounts by accessing the various Webmails or apps from time to time, suggested you use Gmail – where you have your primary mailbox – to centrally manage emails of the various profiles, including those relating to other services.

Knowing nothing of this possibility, you immediately searched for instructions on adding a non-Gmail account to Gmail and came here to my site. Well, your colleague was not wrong. As we will show you shortly, it is a particularly convenient solution that will allow you to save a lot of time and more easily check all your email communications both from your computer and from your device. Mobile via the mailbox of the famous service developed by the Mountain View giant.

Preliminary Information

Before explaining the operations necessary to add a non-Gmail account on the famous email service provided by Big G, We think it is appropriate to make a few brief premises. In particular, as you can easily imagine, it is essential to have a Google account and an attached Gmail address to proceed. If you haven’t done so yet, We’ll explain step by step how to register in this dedicated guide. Secondly, some specific types of accounts (for example, Yahoo, Outlook, and Hotmail ) can be integrated more quickly and functionally thanks to the service developed by the Mountain View giant called Gmailify. 

However, you will be pleased to know that it is also possible to associate boxes other than those mentioned above by performing a slightly different procedure. Furthermore, after connecting with Gmail, you will enjoy some benefits such as anti-spam protection, notifications on mobile devices, automatic sorting of messages into specific categories (Social, Updates, Promotions), and advanced search functions.

How To Add A Non-Gmail Account To Gmail

In the following paragraphs, We will show you the various procedures that will allow you to quickly learn how to add a non-Gmail account to Gmail both from a computer and Android and iOS / iPad mobile devices. To make the task easier for you, We have dedicated a chapter to each of the mentioned devices.


If you intend to add a non-Gmail account to Gmail from your PC, first connect to your Google mailbox and, if required, log in with the relevant credentials. Then, press the gear symbol at the top right and click on the View all settings button. On the next screen, press the Accounts and Import tab, scroll down the page until you find the Check mail from other accounts section, and click on the Add an email account next to it. Type the email address you want to manage with Gmail in the appropriate field in the new window and press the Next button below. 

If the address is compatible with the Gmailify service in the next step, you will automatically find this option selected, and, therefore, all you have to do is press the Next button again. To conclude, press the Accept button to allow Gmail to write and read access to the indicated email profile: as soon as the process is completed, press the word Close in the following confirmation notification. If the Account you intend to add to Gmail is not compatible with Gmailify. However, you will only be given the option to use the Import emails from my other Account (POP3) function. 

By clicking on the Next button in the next window, you will be prompted to enter the account name and password of the chosen email service, after which you will need to select the relevant mail server and port from the drop-down menu below. If you have no idea what the correct parameters are, We will show you how to find information relating to the primary email services in this guide. Once this is done, enter the check mark in the respective boxes to choose whether to leave a copy of the downloaded message on the server, apply a label to incoming messages (defining which from the appropriate menu), and archive them. 

Instead, We strongly recommend that you keep the Always use a secure connection (SSL) option selected when downloading mail, which will be already selected by default. Finally, press the Add account button, wait a few moments for the request to be processed, and that’s it. In case of second thoughts, follow the path described above to access the Account and import settings: in the Check mail from other accounts section, you will see information about the services already added, and press the Disconnect or Delete button and confirm the intention in the following notification to remove the association.


Do you already have your Android smartphone (or tablet) in hand, and are you ready to add a non-Gmail account in the Gmail app? Perfect! Start the latter on your device, then press your profile image at the top right of the main screen and select Add another account from the context menu. Then, if Outlook provides the email service you want to add, Hotmail and Live, Yahoo, Exchange, or Microsoft 365, select the relevant option. 

Otherwise, press the Other item. In the first case, you will be redirected to the login screen of the relevant provider: to proceed, enter your login information, then consent to Gmail for reading and write access to the Account in question. Finally, to complete the association, check the Inbox, Outbox, and Account Options servers (in this specific screen, you can manage features such as the synchronization frequency and alerts ) by pressing the Next button each time. At the bottom right. As soon as you see the confirmation message, press the Next button again to complete the operation. 

If, on the other hand, the service you want to add is not included in those already set up listed on the above screen and, therefore, you had to select the Other option, in the next step, type the relevant email address, then press the Next button and choose whether to use POP3 or IMAP mode : Once you’ve chosen the protocol, enter your account password, then review the summary of your Inbox and Outbox login information on the subsequent screens.  

Finally, select the Account Options you want to set up on the service, and, as soon as you see the confirmation that the Account has been configured, press the Next button. To access the newly added email box, all you have to do is press your profile image again and press on the desired account name. On the other hand, if you want to delete the Account, select the Manage accounts on this device, select the service, and press the Remove account button.

iPhone / iPad

If you have an iPhone / iPad, the procedure does not differ much from the one just described for Android mobile devices. Once the Gmail app is started, in fact, even in this case, you will have to press on the profile image located at the top right and tap the Add another account function. Once this is done, select the service related to the mailbox you want to add to Gmail and, if not present among those listed, tap the Other option. In the first case, you will be allowed to choose the Try Gmailify option, thus integrating some functions such as spam protection and Gmail categories for order mail. 

If you do not want to use them, press option No. Thanks. If the answer is affirmative, then you will have to enter your email address and press the Next button at the top right, and then complete the configuration by selecting the reference Gmail account and pressing the Next item one last time: within a few instants you will see a confirmation of the association, and the messages in the mailbox indicated will be integrated into the previously selected email account. Suppose you have chosen not to use Gmailify instead. 

In that case, you will be sent back to the login screen of the chosen service, and, after having recognized that you have accepted the terms of use, you will have to type the email address to add and, subsequently, the name of the Account you wish to associate with related communications. Therefore, to access it, press on the profile picture and tap on the newly added Account. In case you have selected the Other item because your Account does not correspond to one of the services listed above, to start with, type the email address to add, then fill in the settings for the Incoming mail server (IMAP) first and the settings of the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) then.


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