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How To Become A Creator And Successful Content By Twitch

How To Become A Creator?

The cornerstone of Twitch is the creativity and resourcefulness of those who choose to take the path of the content creator. For that, there is no specific guide, a natural gift that not everyone has. There is a guide, however, to find out how to learn how to configure a live stream on the platform correctly and which program to use to get a good result. Generally, third-party programs are used to which your Twitch account can be linked to stream your content live. Among the most used, we point out: GameShow, OpenBroadcastSoftware, xSplitGamerCaster, Vmix, and many others. They are all more or less professional software (some free and others for a fee) that will allow you to quickly and easily enter the world of live streaming on the platform.

To become a creator, you first need creativity and resourcefulness. Only in this way will you be able to bring people closer to the content to be published. Of course, these programs must be associated with a professional microphone and webcam, capable of recording audio and video faithfully and at the best possible quality. There is a vast choice of devices on the market, ranging from a few tens of euros to semi-professional equipment. The suggestion is to choose, at least at the beginning, an intermediate product; better than the hardware compartment integrated into any laptop but not too expensive, like the top of the range. 

What Is Twitch Studio?

Twitch developers are working on a compatible program for Windows and macOS designed to simplify content creation. At the moment, Twitch Studio is still in the Beta phase, so it may not be completely stable and present bugs and problems of different nature; however, it is good to know that it is software that the developers are taking care of a lot and that it could very soon become the definitive solution for the platform.

How To Create Successful Content?

In such a context, it is not enough to be passionate about video games and open your channel. It will help if you think strategically about your future. Creating videos on Twitch is a job in the truest sense of the word, and while it may seem like entertainment, it needs careful planning. First, you must study the contents: what to publish, what to talk about, and what days to broadcast. It is not enough to direct the video game of the moment. You need to be creative and give users that extra something they will not find elsewhere.

On Twitch, we are not only talking about video games, and it is not enough to play live; you need to create captivating content and know how to conquer the public. To get an idea of ​​what to publish, it is advisable to look at the platform’s Homepage and examine the most popular videos; analyze the number of views and choose the most popular ones. Even in this case, however, it is not enough to go with the flow. It would help if you created attractive, above all, quality content.

Millions of people broadcast on Twitch every day, and to stand out, you need to make a difference. Of course, a certain quality is also required for the live broadcasts; it is advisable to equip yourself with all the necessary equipment to ensure always impeccable audio and video. A detail not to be underestimated is that of the platform. Whether it is a PC or a console, the important thing is that it is of the latest generation and can guarantee performances of the highest level. These are expensive investments, but Twitch and platform users always reward the best equipment.

Another parameter to consider is the relationship with the community; a true professional constantly interacts with his followers and invites them to interact with him. After all, we are talking about a social network that makes human relationships and interaction its daily bread; it is, therefore, essential to entertain the public by keeping the attention and participation of the people watching the live shows high. The primary advice is to play with the users who follow the life; you have to explain what they see on the screen, the game strategies, and what to do to achieve the final goal. Tactics, tips, and solutions explaining a challenging game point are always the trendiest videos.

Likewise, curiosities and oddities always attract users, so it is advisable to do a life every time you start playing because you never know what can happen. As with any social network, even on Twitch, the relationships between the various users are fundamental; therefore, it is always advisable to interact with other people and forge bonds with them. As in any self-respecting marketing strategy, promoting on as many platforms as possible is essential. The best choice is the other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; opening a Youtube channel with previews and advances could be wise.

If possible, sharing the streams across multiple platforms would be a great strategy to entice people to log into Twitch and, perhaps, make a donation. The last tip is to collaborate with other streamers. Teaming up is essential to success on the platform, especially if other users have many active followers on their channel. The advice is to follow the most famous creators and interact with them and their viewers. This is also a way to be engaging in the eyes of other users who may decide to support and follow the channel. Making alliances with other users is also a way of supporting each other and giving and receiving helpful advice for a particular video game.

The Most Followed Content On Twitch

Despite having a massive library of streaming content, some channels on Twitch are all the rage and followed by millions of users around the world. Although the platform is veering towards very different themes from video game entertainment, at the beginning of 2022, the contents that generated the most views were still those related to video games. Among the most popular content on Twitch in 2022, we still find Grand Theft Auto 5, the famous Rockstar Game open world that has become one of the reference points of the genre.

Following are League of Legends and Fortnite, the two multiplayer shooters that can boast millions and millions of users on their servers daily. These two video games have become a natural global phenomenon, completely redesigning the idea of ​​entertainment and touching the most disparate channels, from gadgets to TV series. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are among the most viewed content on this social network. Twitch was born as a platform dedicated to the world of video games, but over time it has broadened its horizons, even reaching different topics such as music, cinema, and so on.

Other evergreen content is Counter-Strike, always a shooter that never seems to go out of fashion, especially in live streaming on Twitch. Despite having come out about ten years ago, it still manages to entertain quite a large audience on the platform. Among the revelations of 2022, we find Amazon’s MMORPG, New World, which made its debut on the platform by filling up users but quickly fell apart.  

  1. Even Dota 2, while not as fresh as it used to be, continues to gain acclaim. The game is starting to get dated, but it can still count on many lovers. Minecraft is now confirmed on Twitch. Although it is not as popular as it once was, it still attracts many spectators, especially to the ambitious projects of those gamers working to recreate incredible universes and worlds.
  2. Call of Duty is a separate case. With each new release, this title monopolizes the streaming with thousands of users connected to compete on the famous online multiplayer; then suddenly, it decays, with an incredible hemorrhage of users that stops only with the release of a new chapter.
  3. Just Chat is not a game but a sort of random Chat where contents of any kind are displayed. Most video games are played, but it is possible to find everything in the middle, including discussions on the most varied topics.


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