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How To Create An App Without Knowing How To Program

Needless to say: today, there is a need to have a mobile-friendly website. But that’s not enough. It’s not always enough to have a responsive theme. In many cases, you need to build apps with WordPress and turn a website into something different. You have to make it an application meant to be used by smartphones. Some blogs need a WP app version for content browsing. 

The same goes for magazines and e-commerce. I already know what you are thinking: I am not a programmer and cannot create an app from scratch. You don’t have to work like this: you can also develop apps from WordPress with the help of some free and paid plugins. And so, you can turn a website into an app without knowing how to program it (even for free).

What Is A Web App, And What Is It For

The app – or application – is a program designed for the smartphone. It is an application capable of performing more or less complex functions in a mobile environment. It is not the translation of software or websites in a 4-inch monitor version. The app is something meant solely for working on a portable device. For this reason, it excels in simplicity, usability, and execution speed, even from mobile phones with small screens – or of particular dimensions – and unstable connections.

Why Create An App If I Have The Site?

Why create an app? First, you have a good motivation in this chart: people use them. He does not browse web pages, or rather: he prefers to move around in these environments. What are the concrete advantages of these highly sought-after solutions?

  1. They are designed for furniture, born in these environments.
  2. They can become a corporate brand opportunity.
  3. You are present every day on the user’s smartphone.
  4. People can also access your work offline.
  5. They are also simple, perfect for getting actions done.

It is no coincidence that the leading e-commerce stores have dedicated apps. Think of Amazon and all the e-commerce that use apps to always be on the customers’ screens. Much easier to get around in an app environment, right? Because these solutions are born for the mobile. I am not a responsive website translator. In some cases, apps can also become excellent content marketing experiments.

How To Create Mobile Apps

It behaves like full-fledged software and runs a series of information that allows you to meet specific needs. There are photo editing apps to edit videos and cut MP3s. There are also applications for writing on photos. But everything is simplified, both for the backend and the activity carried out: an app does (usually) a few actions, but it cannot be used to perform different jobs.

The App Needs To Solve A Problem

You need to identify a problem that others have not already solved. Otherwise, you risk just creating an app that will collide with dozens of similar models. And which have already conquered significant market shares. Then you have to choose your business model:

  1. Free app.
  2. For a fee.
  3. With a double end.

The latter solution refers to the Amazon case: it helps to sell, so it is free but satisfies a clear need, or to facilitate the purchase from the official store. To do all this, you may need the essential tools of those who start a  web marketing strategy. That is schemes for reasoning around SWOT analysis and personas, ideal-typical representations of potential users of your app.

The Structure Of Your Successful App

You cannot overlook the importance of a structuring phase to get a good result in programming and creating the app. This means you don’t have to go from theory to practice – you need to have a  concrete action plan. Or rather, you need to create a structure. Technically, a wireframe is an essential representation of the future application: how it will look and what elements to highlight and use to meet the user’s needs.

One of the most exciting tools bears the name of  Balsamiq, one of the best tools to create schemes to pass to developers. If you are looking for something more straightforward and immediate, you can use Wireframe. Cc is a free solution (with extra paid functions) to create patterns to follow in the operational phase.

How To Create Apps Without Knowing How To Program

It can be done. Some realities allow you to develop an app without having programming knowledge. I know this may seem like a gamble, but it may sometimes be okay. Then, if you want to create a successful app,  you have to go further. But now, let’s focus on software to develop apps: here are some examples.

App Builder Builds Apps For Android And iOS

A first example ( ) is to study and create smartphone apps. How does it work? Choose from a good variety of page layouts based on usability principles. The alternatives are developed to help you get the results. How to create a compelling and flourishing app. That is to publish content,  promote offers, sell products and increase audience loyalty. You can also synchronize the app with the website, blog, or social network.

How To Create Apps With Drag & Drop: AppInstitute

Another example ( ) of a service that allows you to create an app without working with code. How does it work? The creative process is simple:

  1. Choose your template.
  2. Customize with your brand.
  3. Personalize your content.
  4. Publish the app.

You can customize the app according to the business. You have the option to add notifications on the desktop (one of the most effective methods for loyalty). But above all, you can take advantage of the significant Drag And Drop system. So creating an app is easy.

Software To Build Apps: BuildFire

BuildFire presents an exciting way to build mobile apps. Instead of building everything from scratch, leverage a platform to have a good starting point already. How does this all work? Build your app with visual components through the control panel. And without the need to involve developers. Click and modify the development of your solution, and preview the changes: here is an excellent reality to create apps with a simple and immediate tool.

Why Turn The Website Into The App

A WordPress mobile app lets you make the most of content management from a mobile device. Even if you have created a blog, a website with a responsive template, and taken care of every detail of the portable friendly logic, on certain occasions, it is better to work with an application installed on the mobile phone. Why turn a website into an app? You can have a better interface for carrying out complex tasks, such as a purchase or booking and improve navigability by leveraging a superior user experience. Furthermore, the app can be reached offline.

How To Create Apps With WordPress

Creating apps with WordPress is not accessible if you want to work without plugins. But why do it? You have some great extensions to activate a wp app in minutes without programming. In some cases, you pay the cost of the product and have your application.


Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins to turn a website into a web app? Use MobiLoud, an extension that allows you to transform your portal into an app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, publishing it on the App Store and Google Play. This paid service has a version for WordPress-based news sites, blogs, magazines, and newspapers – it’s perfect for bloggers, publishers, and online news organizations. There is also a version for eCommerce and digital stores.

An affordable price to create WordPress website apps for Android and the classic iPhone plus all iPad devices. With wp mobile. App, the application is designed to optimize loading times and sending notifications.


The name is indicative: to create a WordPress mobile app, use this plugin, AppMaker. You can transform the eCommerce and website you use to sell online into native iOS and Android apps: for the stores, we have automatic synchronization. You can merge the store data in real-time and customize the application’s aesthetics with a drag-and-drop builder. 


For sure, AppMySite is a historical name for creating apps from WordPress. Partly because with the premium version, you can turn your website into an application suitable for Android and iOS devices, mobile phones, and tablets. But then everything is simple:

  1. Create an account on AppMySite.
  2. Customize the website app.
  3. Connect site and app with the plugin.
  4. Upload to Google Play and Apple App Store.

Once you have downloaded and activated this plugin to transform your WordPress website into an Android and iOS app, your portal’s contents will be automatically integrated into the version intended for navigation and mobile use. You now have a WordPress or WooCommerce application on AppMySite without writing a single line of code. Speed ​​up the development of beautiful and easy-to-use apps to improve the user experience of those used to moving around on these media.


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