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How To Define A Digital Selling Strategy 

Below, we report some essential efforts aimed at evolving the sales approach. The sellers’ process will no longer be “What can I sell you?” but “How can I help you?”. To arrive at this mindfulness and guarantee that possibilities comprehend it, it is essential to invest in getting to know them, understanding how to squeeze into their purchaser process, and drawing in them towards the proposition that best addresses their issues. The fundamental processes that regulate digital selling processes are linked to five dimensions:  

Lead Generation And MQL

Lead generation plays a fundamental role in digital sales planning. If the goal is sales, more than a passive lead increase is needed. These must be qualified so that the marketing team can generate leads that can meet the sales team’s needs. In this case, we are talking about lead qualification and marketing qualified leads (MQL): the key contacts, once identified, must interact with the brand, and the marketing team must listen to them, cultivate and stimulate them, notice purchasing signals, and respond to them promptly. 

Credibility And Trust

Considering that every inbound strategy presupposes the centrality of the prospect, the generation of trust cannot be ignored; this represents the most critical element in the creation of shared value. Once consolidated in the purchasing process, it facilitates the conclusion. Social listening is the most effective tool for intervening in conversations and insinuating yourself into your network: observing what your contacts publish. 

By doing so, it will be possible to outline the appropriate moment to manifest yourself, whether with a comment or a private message that can support the contact of interest. It is good to remember that sales assumptions have not changed; they have always been based on relationships, credibility, and a sense of trust. Digital selling does not change the pre-existing paradigm but implements it by offering new opportunities to optimize sales processes. 

Lead Nurturing And Generation Of Shared Value

Producing content relevant to your target to attract MQLs often coincides with formulating ad hoc content for the consumer. Each user follows profiles that can provide value and, therefore, have something to teach. For this reason, it is advisable to write educational content and share sector insights to be recognized as authoritative sources.

Presentation Of The Offer

Presentation of the offer must take place at the right time, in front of the right lead, using the right channel, format, and content. This step presupposes the correct management of relationships and information. It is essential that making connections is followed by an interest in developing a relationship. That being said, MQLs are what marketing needs to send to the sales team—leads that are both fit for the offer and ready for a sales conversation. 

But that’s not all: there are suitable and unsuitable leads, willing and unprepared. Four categories must be organized in a matrix. Here, we are talking about the Lead Qualification Matrix, in which both ready and suitable leads will be the MQLs and the interest profiles. A column should be added to this matrix: hand raisers, those who explicitly ask to speak to sales. 

Those who raise their hands sometimes have an actual propensity to purchase. Most likely, they are good leads, even if technically not suitable. In that case, marketing must further qualify the person before connecting them to sales. Ultimately, once the two questions have been answered and, based on these, the matrix has been created, it is decided which categories should be sent to the sales team and which should still be cultivated by the marketing team.

Sales Conversion

For sales conversion, marketing must recognize the contacts suitable for the sales approach and cultivate them again if they are still prepared. All through constant and specific research aimed at finding information and monitoring performance. The results will have to channel the processes towards increasingly precise strategies, assisting the effort in the most profitable direction to increase the results in terms of ROI.

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