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News 2023: 5 Digital Marketing Trends Not To Be Missed

In recent years, marketing, whether linked to digital or physical platforms, has undergone various evolutions. Every year, different trends arise that can significantly impact not only the revenues of companies but also the sales and purchasing processes of consumers.

Analyzing trends induces consumers and companies to exploit their benefits before they become a standard, that is, increase their price and expand like wildfire. In the following few lines, we will analyze some of the most promising digital marketing trends not to be overlooked in 2023.

The 5 Digital Marketing Trends To Take Into Consideration

Before examining the most impactful marketing trends of 2023, it is appropriate to understand what is meant by this term. When the market makes a significant and lasting downward or upward movement, it is called a trend or market trend. In order to have a practical market analysis, it is essential to identify the beginning and end of a trend. Let’s see the most significant ones of 2023.

VR And Metaverse

One of the trends you need to take into consideration for the current year is the metaverse, technology developed not only for entertainment but, above all, for business. The use of a viewer capable of projecting the end user into a digital context allows for improved interactions, bypassing written or video solutions to switch to communication via a digital avatar.

Relevant companies such as Microsoft, Meta, Apple, and Epic Games are investing considerable capital to improve the technology linked to the metaverse, guaranteeing companies and individuals a shared environment in which to carry out different types of activities.

One of the strengths of the metaverse is its ability to create immersive and interactive experiences for consumers. Although accessibility to the virtual world is not yet widespread, the sale of virtual viewers and a non-exorbitant cost approach to those who want to exploit their benefits are less complex. It is no coincidence that these solutions can be used to improve the customer purchasing process; in fact, more and more companies are implementing three-dimensional interaction systems with the products offered for sale. 

The possibility of viewing an object to be purchased in three dimensions significantly improves the sales process, guaranteeing a functional user experience. Beyond the purely commercial aspect, the marketing metaverse offers an excellent opportunity for companies that need to collect data on customer behavior within a digital environment. The system can track user interactions and identify the best marketing strategy to guide them toward the choice best suited to their needs.

AI: Artificial Intelligence

The implementation of artificial intelligence within the sales process has made this process much faster and easier to analyze. Taking advantage of the algorithms developed by Google, Meta, Amazon, and many other companies, it is possible to connect advertising services and products directly to the most suitable customers. Artificial intelligence analyzes, monitors, and develops a marketing strategy based on the information that the consumer provides within the purchasing platform. 

This condition makes it much easier to create an effective strategy. Some artificial intelligence systems allow not only to analyze, monitor, and process information but also extend their capabilities to automation. AI, by establishing objective data, can automatically launch an ad-persona marketing campaign for consumers. Usually, this process is linked to email marketing campaigns or advertising banners designed for a specific target audience.

A further advantage of AI marketing is to be found in customer support; in fact, intelligent chatbot solutions that can solve the most common consumer problems can be inserted into the website. In recent months, artificial intelligence solutions such as Chat GPT have also highlighted how technology of this kind can be exploited in various areas.

However, it must be underlined that the potential of AI, although constantly evolving, currently still has limitations. Artificial intelligence is a trend to take into significant consideration as it could revolutionize the digital communication sector and become a standard for assistance and sales services.

Short Videos (Shorts)

The impact of social media on people in recent years has become increasingly evident. Customers inform themselves before purchasing with online videos and dedicated reviews in order to avoid trivial mistakes. Although until a few years ago, the viewing of medium-long videos was an integral part of the search for information, in 2023, the trend is turning towards much shorter solutions.

People’s attention spans are currently much lower, and the amount of information they receive during the day is highly significant. Shorts and short videos are currently an essential component in online entertainment and sales. Not only influencers and large companies are investing more and more resources in social networks, but also private individuals are linked to this solution. Digital platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have been using short videos to convey their advertising content quickly and effectively for some time. 

Still, YouTube introduced this solution in 2023, also introducing monetization in February. Creators who use short videos can generate more content with less effort, increasing their earnings. As it is easy to deduce, a lower production effort and more significant revenue lead to an increase in the use of this technology. In the coming months, more and more digital platforms will include short videos, giving influencers the opportunity to make this trend an objective standard.

B2B (Business-To-Business)

A trend that doesn’t want to stop is that linked to B2B; specifically, among the platforms that are having the most significant impact is LinkedIn. From a numerical point of view, a percentage of +25% of business-to-business advertising is expected in two years. The data, however, is not limited to the positive trend of advertising alone; in fact, in the last year, this platform has produced an involvement of around 850 million members, resulting in an annual increase of +26%. 

As it is easy to deduce, LinkedIn is an online platform aimed at finding work. This condition starts the critical process of contact between companies and people looking for work. The significant growth is not only given by the need that workers have to look for a new activity but also by the functions made available. The addition of specific filters and the identification of skills depending on the reference sector make the search process much simpler and more selective.

More and more companies are using solutions of this kind to grow and increase their authority in the market. Being able to have organizational capillarity improves brand reputation and consequently encourages customers to become loyal over time. LinkedIn is just one of the platforms that highlight this growing trend, but many other similar solutions are enjoying success and could bring exciting innovations in 2023.

Influencer Marketing

Analyzing social networks and influencer marketing shows how this working solution is growing exponentially. For the year 2023, an increase in influencer marketing spending of +24% is expected. Instagram is currently the most used social network for online marketing, so it is not difficult to come across advertising banners and posts with advertising tags aimed at commercial purposes only. 

In addition to Instagram, however, it is also interesting to consider TikTok, a platform that, given its enormous growth, attracts various brands from all over the world. More and more brands are relying on influencers with large followings to advertise their services or products.

While a direct advertisement in a video on YouTube or TikTok can have a significant impact, ADS within posts on Instagram or Facebook should not be underestimated. Collaborations between companies and influencers are mainly aimed at improving and recognizing the brand. Still, in the coming years, different mechanics could be established, which also include a more marked sale of the product itself.


The trends of 2023 highlight how technology is an essential component for consumers. Being able to define the best technologies and those most suitable for an always-connected audience can make a difference in establishing an effective marketing strategy. In order for you to have a detailed picture of the market, you need to update yourself and inform yourself through quality courses.

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