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NFC: What It Is And What It Is For

More and more smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, printers, and cameras support NFC technology: let’s find out what it is and all the supported devices. If you recently bought a  smartphone and have reviewed all the technical specifications in search of the best product for the final choice, you will indeed have come across the  NFC entry. More and more devices support this particular type of connectivity: not only smartphones but also smartwatches,  tablets, printers, and digital cameras.

What Is NFC, And What Is It For?

NFC  stands for  Near Field Communication and indicates a technology capable of wirelessly connecting two devices within a limited distance. The short-range connection is for transferring small amounts of data. The distance does not exceed 10 cm, but it may be reduced to just 3-4 cm for safety reasons. To establish a connection,  the devices must integrate the NFC chip. The association takes place automatically. You need to bring them closer. The fields of application are many, including:

  1. Electronic payments: NFC technology allows you to make electronic payments simply by placing your smartphone or smartwatch at the POS. It is necessary to have previously associated a credit, debit, or prepaid card with the service that allows this type of payment. There are several, but the benchmark is Google Pay for Android devices and Apple Pay for iOS devices. Some manufacturers have developed proprietary services on the South Korean giant’s smartphones, such as Samsung Pay.
  2. Data transfer: Some digital cameras and printers have NFC connectivity. This way, we can immediately start printing a document on the smartphone by bringing it to the printer or transferring the photo taken with a professional camera to our mobile phone.

Then there are the  NFC tags, natural physical objects the size of a 1 euro coin that can be programmed to do something when they connect with a compatible device. Think of a museum. The NFC tag is placed near a picture. We bring our smartphone closer, and the information on that work of art appears on display. The tag can be programmed at will through an application on a smartphone or using specific programs on a computer.

How To Know If Your Smartphone Has NFC

Not all smartphones enjoy the NFC chip. The high-end devices are all equipped with it, but it may happen that the low-end ones do not have it. To find out if your smartphone supports this connectivity, you can go to the settings and follow small steps.

For Android Devices

  1. Click on the gear symbol to access the settings
  2. select the “Connected devices” section
  3. if the NFC item is not present, your smartphone does not have it.

As far as Apple devices are concerned, you do not need to perform any steps, starting with the iPhone 5s, iPad Air 2, and all iPad Pro. There is the presence of NFC.

Which Smartphones And Smartwatches Have NFC?

There are many smartphones equipped with NFC. The full range, such as Galaxy S22 and iPhone 13, supports this technology. For lower-end devices, the advice is to check the datasheet before purchasing.

Smartphone With NFC

Fortunately, the NFC chip has begun to reach even lower-middle-range devices. Today it is possible to buy a smartphone with NFC even for under 300 euros. Even in this segment, the list can be pretty extensive. On the other hand, the presence of the NFC chip has become apparent already, starting from the mid-range. Below is a selection of the best NFC smartphones starting from the low end:

  1. Samsung Galaxy A21s is one of the cheapest smartphones with NFC, which – despite the low-end price – ensures satisfactory performance.
  2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 is among the best smartphones under 200 euros. In addition, the NFC chip offers a good datasheet, including a 90 Hz AMOLED display and a 5,000 mAh battery.
  3. OPPO Reno8 Lite 5G is OPPO’s proposal for the medium-low range with lots of support for the new 5G network standard, and the notification LED surrounding the cameras.
  4. Samsung Galaxy A53, the heir to the excellent Galaxy A52, arrived on the market a few months ago and ensured the usual excellent quality of Samsung products.
  5. Realme GT Neo2 is the ideal smartphone for those looking for excellent performance but on a limited budget.

Starting from the range from 300 euros upwards, it is superfluous to make a selection since all smartphones offer NFC: from the Xiaomi 12 series to the Find X5 range, from the Galaxy S22 family to the iPhone 13 generation.

Smartwatch With NFC

As for smartwatches, the situation is a bit different. At the low end, the presence of the NFC chip is not as widespread. For example, on Xiaomi’s Mi Band, we had to wait for Mi Band 6 to see NFC arrive in Italy. In any case, the advice is always to read the technical data sheets carefully before purchasing. All Apple Watches have NFC, as do the Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatches. 

You can consider Garmin models, such as the Forerunner 955, or even some Fitbit devices for the more sporty. If you are looking for a smartwatch, you can consult our dedicated guide, in which we also specify whether they are equipped with NFC or not, making it easier for you to choose. As mentioned, NFC connectivity is not limited to smartphones and smartwatches only. There are tablets like iPad Pro 11 2021, digital cameras like  Nikon D500, and printers like Brother MFC-L2750DW.


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