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Official OnePlus Ace Pro: Features And Price

OnePlus Ace Pro is none other than the OnePlus 10T intended for the market: the main difference between the two models lies in the software. A common custom among most manufacturers is to play with their smartphone catalog, offering different models with the same name but on other markets or offering the same model but with another character depending on the target market: one of the manufacturers that are getting us used to this practice is undoubtedly OnePlus.

After returning under the protective wing of the parent company OPPO, OnePlus has begun to expand its product catalog, first introducing the Nord range to complement the numbered range and training. In the recent past, the new Ace series destined (at the moment) to the only market: this series, which dusts off a name already used in the past by OPPO, includes devices that, in principle, represent real rebrands (same model, proposed with a different expression or brand) of the group’s smartphones already existing; everything we have said so far fits perfectly with the new OnePlus Ace Pro, the twin of OnePlus 10T destined for the Chinese market.

OnePlus Ace Pro: Technical Features

The new OnePlus Ace Pro is a high-end Android smartphone from the manufacturer OnePlus but intended for the market only. The reason is apparent: it is a OnePlus 10T equipped with a more significant amount of RAM and storage space compared to the models that arrive here in India; to give us an idea, the entry version here is 8/128 GB while it is the  12/256 GB and in addition to the 16/256 GB version, shared between the two markets, Chinese users can also buy the version with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage space.

Net of the amount of memory, the main difference between the Chinese model OnePlus Ace Pro and the global model OnePlus 10T lies in the software. However, based on both models on Android 12: if in the smartphones that OnePlus exports globally, we find the interface customized OxygenOS (in version 12, in this case), in the devices sold in the home territory, we see the ColorOS, the customized interface of OPPO (in this case it is the ColorOS 12.1 based on Android 12). 

The rest of the specifications coincide one by one with those of the OnePlus 10T twin: it starts with a 6.7-inch Flexible AMOLED 2.5D display with FHD + resolution and refreshes rate up to 120 Hz, interrupted only by the hole for the front camera from 16 MP, to continue with the rear photographic compartment, triple (50 MP primary, 8 MP ultra-wide, 2 MP macro), which focuses on the Sony IMX766 sensor, to get to a 4,800 mAh battery that recharges at 150 W thanks to Super Flash Charge. Even the OnePlus Ace Pro is powered by Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and, like its twin, renounces the Alert Slider: it’s a real shame that OnePlus devices are losing such a peculiar feature.

OnePlus Ace Pro: Prices

As widely anticipated, the OnePlus Ace Pro is intended only for the market. It will not arrive (barring unforeseen changes in the strategy of the BBK group) in India, where we already have the OnePlus 10T twin, which is offered at 719 euros (8 + 128 GB configuration) or 819 euros (16 + 256 GB) depending on the memory configuration. Below are the prices of the OnePlus Ace Pro for the market, which, at the current exchange rate, are always much lower than those we find in India, where taxes and import costs always raise the price of phones:

  1. OnePlus Ace Pro 12/256 GB: 3,499 yuan (about 507 euros at current exchange rates)
  2. OnePlus Ace Pro 16/256 GB: 3,799 yuan (about 550 euros)
  3. OnePlus Ace Pro 16/512 GB: 4,299 yuan (about 623 euros).


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