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10 Android Development Best Practices

Android application improvement is surprising the portable business as an ever-increasing number of engineers and clients float towards investigating the vast potential outcomes of this well-known versatile programming stage. Nonetheless, figuring out how to code isn’t sufficient to become a decent Android designer. This tremendous versatile application improvement stage has numerous angles.

With additional individuals than at any time in recent memory trusting different applications, assumptions are higher, and the occupation of a planner isn’t getting any simpler. Presently, it would help if you were state-of-the-art, yet in addition, stand apart from different designers to transform the market. Here are a few decent practices to take on to get improved and bring about its turn of events.

Choose The Architecture Of Your Application Wisely According To Your Needs And Not Just The Trend

Architecture defines where the application performs its core functionality and how that functionality interacts with things like the database and the user interface. Many architectures include MVC, MVP, MVVM, MVI, and Clean Architecture. If one of these architectures meets the project requirements, you can follow standard coding guidelines and keep the code clean. No architecture is terrible.

Maintain High Code Quality

We all know that coding is an art. The quality of your code is always important. Because writing extended code is never an intelligent step, it not only increases the chances of having more bugs and consumes a lot of time, and creates a lot of complexity. Here are two tips for getting out of it:

  1. Start by studying an expert’s code, analyzing their approach, and trying to modify it.
  2. State the purposes of each function you use.

Acquire Expertise In Both Languages ​​– Java And Kotlin

Java is the first official language of Android, and it continues to hold great importance and relevance in the Android application development industry. It comes with various open-source tools and libraries, which are very useful for developers. Kotlin came into existence to overcome some of the complications and limitations of Java to improve the Java ecosystem as a whole. Both of these languages ​​are capable of providing scalable, robust and flexible Android application development services.

Pay Attention To UI/UX Design

UI and UX design are separate but interrelated parts of the Android app development process. UX design focuses on all aspects that influence the user journey, and UI design prioritizes the aesthetics and looks of the application. These two aspects are essential and integral to any successful Android application development project. Therefore, you will need to know some of the best UI/UX practices for Android design.

Understand The Internal Elements Of The Android Framework

If you are a beginner Android developer, you will need to understand the importance, the possibilities and the true nature of the Android framework. The more time you spend mastering the basics, the stronger your foundation will be for handling more complex projects later. Even for experienced Android developers, constantly reviewing Android basics will help keep them sharper and more efficient.

Learn And Use Android Debug Bridge (ADB) To Debug Your Application

ADB is a command-line tool or client-server program that allows communication with Android operating systems. Although developers do not use the features of this tool daily, it can facilitate many development experiences. It has many features, such as adding or removing files/data from your Android device and addressing piles of hidden data with just a few clicks on your computer. Developers use these tools to test and make changes to Android devices.

Provide Optimal Security

Security must be your priority regardless of the type of application you intend to create. Security clouds are one of the most overlooked because it’s not only a broad concept but also a flawed concept. Your apps will contain tons of your users’ sensitive data and information.

Depending on the app you’re developing, you might have payment information, crucial information like home address, phone number, and more provided by the user. Users will be reluctant to provide you with information if your app isn’t secure. As a developer, you must take measures and use encryption and other tactics like two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect sensitive information.

Learn To Use The Android Documentation

Android is an inclusive concept, and it is unrealistic to imagine that you have mastered all the ideas and techniques. And when it comes to programming or building an application, nothing can help you except stack documentation. Learning how to use, read and understand the Android documentation is essential.

Opt For A Selective Layout And Reuse Layouts With The <include/> Tag

Whether a site or an application, you should pick a design before fostering your task. Before picking a design, you ought to comprehend how the venture’s UI is made. In this way, when discussing designs, we consider ConstraintLayout, LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, FrameLayout, and CoordinatorLayout. Among this multitude of designs, you should do an exhibition investigation for some of them before beginning. Assuming you have part of your XML that is reused, you must stay away from code replication in various formats. Simply add <include/> extricating them in a different format.

Always Have An Android Playground Project

A Playground project task can be any irregular non-business Android project where you can trial and attempt new and different Android application improvements and plan strategies to perceive what it means for the venture. A jungle gym project provides a more reasonable and functional comprehension of the ramifications of the most recent Android patterns instead of simply perusing the docs and APIs.


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