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Is It Worth Buying The New MacBook Pro And iMac? 

Apple announced a new MacBook Pro and iMac at the Halloween event. Inside are new chips from the M3 line, which make computers more performant. But is it worth buying them? Is it worth buying the new MacBook Pro and the new iMac? Scary Fast ” occurred the previous evening when Apple coordinated for Halloween.

On this occasion, the Cupertino company presented the third-generation chips which will power the new Macs. Those offered, in particular, were M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max, which will be used for now on the new MacBook Pro and the new 24” iMac. After the presentation, it was finally understood why Apple chose such a particular name for this event.

The new chips will make Apple PCs “frighteningly fast” (precisely, “scary fast”), but not only that but also much more performing from a graphics point of view. Now lovers of the brand, having learned of the imminent arrival of the new PCs, scheduled for November 7, are wondering whether or not it is better to abandon their current gadgets to purchase another MacBook Master and another iMac. There is only one answer to this question; let’s see which one.

Is It Worth Buying The New MacBook Pro?

It is understood whether or not it is worth buying a new MacBook 4” and 16” versions. The smaller version will also be available with an M3 chip, while only the more powerful chips are available for the larger one. To an inexperienced eye, these differences might seem insignificant; however, brand lovers will understand the great importance of these innovations. All models have significantly improved graphics thanks to Liquid Retina.

The MacBook Pro with M3 can be an excellent purchase for anyone looking for a high-performance computer to use daily for leisure and work. At the same time, the other models are recommended for those who need to use cumbersome software (MatLab, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut, etc.) and in a multitasking way. This last class incorporates engineers, visual creators, and expert gamers. It is also essential to take into account the PC you have.

If you are using an obsolete computer and are looking for a high-performance device, the new MacBook Pro is an excellent purchase in any version. However, keeping an eye on the price is essential: the 14” model with the M3 chip has a starting price of 2,049 euros.

Is It Worth Buying The New iMac?

Is it worth buying the new iMac? In this case, the answer also depends on who asks the question. This desktop computer suits those who always work from the same workstation and need excellent performance. The current version is much improved compared to the previous one, released two years ago and equipped with the M1 chip.

Thanks to the new M3, the new iMac is even twice as fast, features a 4.5k retina display, faster wireless connectivity, an 8-core CPU, a 10-core GPU, and support for unified memory up to 24GB. The new iMac also features Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, mesh shading, and hardware-accelerated ray tracing. In the first two cases, these innovations allow you to have a faster device for connecting to the internet and other devices.

In contrast, the other new functions will enable you to use a device with more fluid graphics, to the delight of graphic designers and vouchers. Finally, the Touch ID function can also purchase the new iMac. Given these new features, which represent only a part of those presented on the new iMac, it is clear that those who choose it will buy a product of absolute prestige and extremely high performance. But is it worth it?

In the case, for example, of a person who works as a graphic designer and currently uses the version released in 2021, the answer is positive: the professional who buys this device will undoubtedly leap in quality and performance and, therefore, in work. However, given the decidedly high starting price of €1,629, it is not advisable for those who use the PC only for leisure or, in any case, without the need for high-level performance.

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