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Apple iPod Touch: Media Player With iOS And WLAN

Apple’s iPod touch is a media player that offers more functions than a classic MP3 player. In addition to music playback, films can be played, and the user can surf the Internet. Many users associate the Apple iPod primarily with an MP3 player – but the iPod touch is much more: the iPod touch looks very much like the iPhone, and there are also many other things in common with the cult cell phone from Apple – it’s the iPod touch is a media player that, in addition to pure music playback, also allows films to be played, allows surfing the Internet, can be used as a mobile games console and can be upgraded with apps from the Apple App Store. A significant difference compared to the iPhone is that it does not have a SIM card and can therefore be used as a classic mobile phone – surfing is only possible via WLAN. iOS, also known as the iPhone and iPad, is used on the iPod.

iPod Touch: From Media Player To Augmented Reality Experience

The iPod touch is available in bright colors and with different memory sizes. Like all mobile devices from the Californian manufacturer, the media player is managed using the free iTunes software or directly on the Mac. In addition, the player gets access to Apple’s multimedia apps, such as iMovie and functions such as Bluetooth, AirPlay audio and AirPlay mirroring. The voice assistant Siri can also be used with the Apple player. The name iPod touch derives from the touchscreen used to operate the device. 

A high-resolution camera on the back that records Full HD videos, a second camera on the front with 1.2-megapixel resolution and a microphone, FaceTime support, an acceleration sensor and an integrated gyroscope are also available. The Apple iPod touch was first introduced in September 2007. The iPhone also celebrated its premiere in the same year. Beginning in 2008, the iPod touch was offered 32 GB of storage in addition to the 8 and 16 GB versions. Various revisions and a shift in storage capacity to 8, 32 and 64 GB followed in the years that followed. The iPod touch has become lighter and more compact while retaining the same 3.5-inch display, and the battery life has also doubled to around 40 hours.

The Current Generation Of iPod Touch

The latest and last model of the player from 2019 is now more significant than the older versions with a 4-inch display and is offered in storage variants from 32 to 256 GB. Thanks to the A10 Fusion chip, the iPod touch allows playing games from the AppStore and Apple Arcade with augmented reality. With up to three times better graphics than its predecessor, the boundaries between the display and the natural world are blurred.

In the spring of 2022, Apple stopped producing and selling the iPod. If you want to buy a separate device for music playback or other purposes and don’t want to use your smartphone, you can still get the iPod touch on various platforms for 229 euros to 449 euros, depending on the memory size. The question about the existence of continuous (software) updates is justified and raises some doubts about the purchase. With iOS 15, the iPod may have received its last major update and is no longer suitable for some streaming services.

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