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Oneplus 11 5G Review: The Beginning Of 2023

OnePlus brings a complete 360-degree flagship to the market, capable of making the competition pale already in this first phase of 2023. In a period in which even Qualcomm data indicate a not-exactly rosy situation for the smartphone market, the challenge at the top of the Android market is even more fierce. Among the leading players is certainly OnePlus, which is bringing the OnePlus 11 5G flagship at a starting price of 849 euros (for the 8/128GB model). 

Pre-orders will be active on the official portal until February 16, 2023, allowing you to receive a Bang & Olufsen signed speaker for free for those aiming for the more expensive variant. In this regard, in recent weeks, we have had the opportunity to preview the 16/256GB variant, which costs 919 euros: here we will analyze all aspects of the device, from the Hasselblad photographic department to the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, aiming to understand, in a difficult moment for the sector, how the Asian manufacturer’s solution fits in the market.

The Cameras Do Not Go Unnoticed In Every Sense

Do you know about the OnePlus 10 Pro 5G? If the answer is yes, you will surely remember the presence of a photographic sector created in collaboration with Hasselblad and the wise mix of glass and metal in terms of materials. In that context, enviable levels had been reached, but with the OnePlus 11 5G, the series embraces even more rounded shapes as regards the cameras. The choice of OnePlus immediately had its impact in aesthetic terms, guaranteeing a Premium sensation in the look and feel. 

The Titan Black color that we got to try is pleasant to the touch and resistant to fingerprints, but if you are looking for a metal unibody shell, there is the Eternal Green variant. The attention to detail can also be seen in aspects such as a curved display on the sides but not too much, as well as a protrusion of the cameras which, although present, is not problematic in everyday use. Then there are goodies like the OnePlus logo on the back, which stands out to the touch due to a different quality, as well as a hole for the small front camera located at the top left so as not to create headaches when viewing multimedia content. In some ways, they seem like minor matters, only noticed by a careful eye. 

Still, in a flagship, even the details are essential, and these are characteristics that demonstrate how much a brand cares about its proposal. Among other things, the smartphone fits well in hand, thanks to the dimensions of 163.1 x 74.1 x 8.53 mm and a weight of 205 grams. It is not a definable compact device in the sense that the term would have assumed a few years ago, but by now, there are only a few models left to contend for this title in its purest sense. The OnePlus 11 5G is a flagship that can be used pleasantly while offering a large panel for quickly viewing movies, TV series, etc.

The in-display fingerprint sensor is fast, and there is even more convenient facial recognition for a choice that can satisfy everyone. However, the tour of the sides further warms the hearts of OnePlus fans, given the presence of the Alert Slider on the right, next to the power button. For those who missed the last few steps, with the OnePlus 10T 5G model, released in 2022, this element had been lost to make room for other components. This aspect has not gone down well with those who have always been happy with the iconic slider for quick status change between silent, vibration and ringtone.

Continuing our journey, a microphone dominates above, accompanied on the left by the volume rocker. At the bottom, however, there are speakers, a second microphone, a SIM tray (dual nanoSIM with eSIM support) and the USB Type-C 2.0 port (no video output). Among other things, OnePlus has recently confirmed the presence of an IP64 certification linked to resistance to dust and splashes. However, a higher diploma needs to be included. Over the years, the company has explained that it could have appreciated it more due to the specific laboratory conditions with which the tests are conducted.

The devices remain resistant to splashes and classic everyday situations: we don’t refer too much to that aspect. Little to complain about the sales package: in a period in which a good number of manufacturers removed the charger, OnePlus continues ignoring the trend by including its brick in the endowment: among other things, in this case, reference is made to a SUPER VOOC charger from 100W, flanked by a USB Type-C / USB Type-A cable. 

The package also includes the pin for extracting the SIM compartment, various documentation and stickers. What was missing in our test sample was, therefore, a cover, which should be present in the retail package. As for the earphones to pair with the device, you might be interested in taking a look at the just-announced OnePlus Buds Pro 2. We’re also putting them to the test, and we’ll tell you about them soon, but here it’s good to focus on the flagship smartphone of 2023.

Android 13 And The Broad Support Of The OnePlus

The OnePlus 11 5G features OxygenOS 13.0 customization, based on Android 13. At the time of writing, the security patches were on December 5, 2022. The recent unification with OPPO has also influenced the customization of OnePlus, so much so that the software now closely resembles ColorOS. This means that features appreciated by fans of the OnePlus brand still need to be included, such as the Shelf screen. In general, the customization features are many and include the well-known Zen Mode, so those used to this type of experience will be satisfied. 

Regarding system fluidity, we have already mentioned some slight lag in scrolling web pages with the preliminary version of the software. Still, otherwise, the system fluidity is perfect, and the bloatware is zero. On the support side, the brand has referred to 4 major releases and five years of security patches: the brand’s audience will be able to sleep peacefully for several years. An area in which the high performance of the OnePlus 11 5G can come in handy is undoubtedly that of gaming. In this regard, various features have been implemented, including the Games app, which allows you to act as a hub for the titles installed on the device and keep track of your habits. 

From 4D FlipIn Championship Mode, there is no shortage of choices, considering the HDR filter’s presence for PUBG Mobile. During game sessions, a simple swipe from the device’s top left or top right corner allows you to access the in-game panel. The latter provides a quick overview of the performance with a framerate counter and enables you to switch performance modes, choosing between Low Power, Balanced and Pro Gamer. Also noteworthy is the possibility of quickly opening apps such as WhatsApp in Picture-in-picture mode, managing music playback (for example, from Spotify) and using all the classic features that one would expect to find in this context. 

From Screen Recording to Orientation Lock to Quick Start, it’s all in place. Also note the presence of GPU side settings concerning issues such as MSAA, anisotropic filtering and more. An avid user can have a lot of fun “getting their hands” on these settings. Net of the already in-depth excellent performance of the cooling system, which always manages to keep the temperatures low, the performance in the gaming field is then essential in practice. Call of Duty Mobile runs smoothly with details on Very High and FPS on Max, while the always fearsome test with Diablo Immortal allowed us to play with the High preset and 30 FPS options. 

It should be noted that even in this case, there is an optimization behind the scenes linked to the HyperBoost Gaming Engine. This technology uses machine learning to smooth the gaming experience while consuming as little as possible, avoiding wasting resources. There is some decline in experiences such as Diablo Immortal, but nothing transcendental and further software updates could improve the situation. In short, although it is not a gaming smartphone in all respects, the OnePlus 11 5G can still offer excellent satisfaction even to those who appreciate video games.


OnePlus 11 5Git’s a do-it-all smartphone which paves the way for an exciting approach to performance. Users tired of high-performance devices that get hot after some time will find a great travel companion in this device, and it’s the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Yes, the Cryo-velocity VC cooling system does the job excellently. There are also optimizations, even at the software level, that work behind the scenes to ensure thermal and energy efficiency. This is how the large 5,000 mAh battery allows you to easily reach the end of the day even by putting the device under stress, while in a context closer to many people’s daily lives, you can potentially even get to two days, not counting the quick charge at 100W, which in a few minutes allows you to go back to using the device for hours (yes, the charger is present in the package). 

Remaining on the merits, there is no shortage of an excellent Superfluid AMOLED LTPO display with dynamic refresh up to 120Hz and QHD + resolution, a Hasselblad photographic department and an audio sector that does not disappoint expectations. The promised support of 4 major releases and five years of security patches can only be tempting in the software field. Understand well, therefore, that the OnePlus 11 5G is a smartphone which, net of the starting price of 849 euros, responds well to the period that could be rosier on the smartphone market. Mind you, however, that not everything is perfect: the absence of wireless charging is an issue that immediately catches the eye in terms of the technical datasheet, as well as the conservative approach aimed at saving battery stands out in contexts in which performance is tested deeply. 

The latter remains at the top of the market, but we note the fact that the OnePlus 11 5G does not precisely aim in all respects to represent a gaming smartphone, although it may be so for more than someone. Then there are issues such as the non-expandable internal memory, photographic imperfections such as those related to the maximum zoom, the price that for someone will remain high and software that in some ways has lost the panache of the past following the unification with OPPO. The OnePlus 11 5G is a flagship that ranks at the top of the market from several points of view while not representing the blind-eye choice that some OnePlus fans with a few years behind them might wish they could have made.

However, the behind-the-scenes management approach is exciting, and the attention to detail put into the construction of the device is noticeable. Ultimately, we are faced with an elegant smartphone capable of dwarfing a large part of the competition in several areas, which, however, will probably have to collide with a moment that is not the rosiest at the general level of the market. OnePlus is there, and our verdict is undoubtedly favorable. Now the community has to choose whether to respond presently or not. We are faced with an elegant smartphone capable of dwarfing a large part of the competition in several areas. 

However, it will probably have to collide with a moment that is not the rosiest at the general market level. OnePlus is there, and our verdict is undoubtedly favorable. Now the community has to choose whether to respond presently or not. We are faced with an elegant smartphone capable of dwarfing a large part of the competition in several areas. However, it will probably have to collide with a moment that is not the rosiest at the general market level. OnePlus is there, and our verdict is undoubtedly favorable. Now the community has to choose whether to respond presently or not.

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