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What To Do If You Are Not Happy With Your Web Agency

What can you do if you are no longer happy with your web agency? The first thing is undoubtedly to change it, but this may only be possible with some ill humor. To protect yourself, it is necessary that you carefully check the clauses of the contract and that you get, right from the start, the data that you will then need to work, without wasting time and resources, with a new web agency.

“And they lived happily ever after.” This is generally the ending of the most beautiful and romantic fairy tales, but as we know, they are fairy tales. In life, not all relationships are fluid. Nothing is irreversible, much less working relationships. Thus, a company is forced to change employees, partners, and even its web agency during a business journey. What happens in this case?

Web Agencies, They Are Not Like Diamonds

Let’s start immediately from the assumption that forever is “a diamond,” perhaps not even that. At work, however, and in feelings, you need to have the courage to say enough if things don’t work out. When you find yourself having to choose a web agency, perhaps after many hesitations, probably because you have realized that you need a good marketing strategy to be competitive, you hope to find the right one, and when – finally – you think you have found it, after a while, you realize that this is not the case.

When things don’t work out, you can’t wait to find ways to end a lame relationship that isn’t giving you what you want. So nothing lasts forever, but when a relationship ends, in this case of work, how do you manage “goodbye?” It’s like in relationships. Unfortunately, you can’t always look your partner in the face and say, “You know, darling. I don’t love you anymore. Let’s leave us alone and remain friends “. Of course. If the other is still in love, see what a friend! And it’s the same at work. If only one side feels terrible, the other might need to take it better.

How To Manage The End Of A Collaboration Without Trauma And Loss

As I write these things to you, the separation of a dear friend of mine inevitably comes to mind. A marriage that seemed perfect, both in their early twenties. She is beautiful on her wedding day with her simple but elegant white dress. She has red hair and freckles. She looks like a little girl with eyes that shine under a warm September sun. He is tall, has an excellent physique, and is polite. Falling in love as kids, they finally get to crown their dream.

They bought a small house in the center, small but well-furnished and comfortable. They also have a dachshund, Pino. The wedding is a beautiful, simple ceremony and a beautiful reception. Honeymoon, everything as in a dream. After a few months, she calls me to complain about the mother-in-law who lives below them (a fatal mistake). The woman is a lady of about sixty-five, a bit strange. She loves making cards and “reading the future.” She had never really liked each other.

Silvia, my mica, begins to fear her mother-in-law, who becomes increasingly intrusive. I’ll make it short. After a year of marriage, the couple broke up. Thus begin the teasing, the cold war, the silences, and the resentments between the newlywed and his mother. The epilogue is the worst. My friend leaves her husband and her house, and her mother-in-law and her son destroy all her things: she scratches the furniture, ruins her clothes, and even tries to hurt the dog. There is no dialogue. There is no truce. A close war with lawyers began, ending only a short time ago with significant expenses and suffering.

Sometimes even when an employment relationship is interrupted, the epilogue is more or less similar. Maybe because people still can’t think that everything in this life is fleeting and that we should focus on the “here” and “now,” not on what the relationship we have established will be tomorrow. An entrepreneur should always be able to choose to work with people who benefit his business. I’m not saying without any feelings, but at work, one should have an attitude of “convenience” rather than friendship, always remaining correct and honest.

Getting to cut a relationship can be very difficult, and, in our case, the risks are not few. When you rely on a web agency, you bare everything, or almost everything, of your business. The agency knows your business, your strengths, and your weaknesses. But more importantly, it has a series of data that belongs to you and on which, sometimes, the dispute is triggered.

The thing we strongly advise you, therefore, is to read the contract very carefully before signing it, because it is there that you will find written how and what the web agency will have in your company’s hands, what belongs to you and what, however, you will not be able to claim in the future. If you’re clear about what you’re entitled to and what you don’t, the trauma of the “separation” will be less significant unless you’re fortunate enough to work with friendly people, as it always should be.

The Transition From One Web Agency To Another Can Be Challenging

If you decide to change web agencies, be ready for anything. Nobody likes to lose customers, excellent customers. But it happens. A good number of clients who came to us from another agency, for example, were dissatisfied with their work. One in particular. They had promised him the creation of the site, then contents and graphics, its optimization, web marketing, and annual management. The quote was absolutely accessible, and therefore very attractive. With a few hundred euros, they had promised a 360° turnkey service. Too bad things weren’t quite like that. The site that had been created for him was beautiful. Graphically it was exciting and quite navigable. 

Unfortunately, however, not even the shadow of optimization. Few keywords are positioned and ultimately ineffective. The content could have been better written, repetitive, sluggish, boring, and not optimized. As for the management of the site, I’ll let you imagine. The control consisted of doing a couple of updates a year. The customer, not seeing the promised results, decided to leave them. In this case, there weren’t any problems, all the data was transferred quite smoothly, and it was possible to start working with the customer without further contact with the old web agency. It sometimes goes differently than this.

What You Need To Know Before Leaving The Old Web Agency

Generally, a web agency takes care of both the site and everything related to it, including online and offline marketing . If the web agency has a “team” of a couple of people, maybe it’s not exactly the right one for you. In fact, to take good care of all these aspects, different figures would be needed. It would take a programmer and a web designer. Until recently, it was the webmaster. Today we are more specialized. These two figures are respectively responsible for creating an effective website, both from the point of view of graphics and functionality.

A site must be well positioned; to do this, you need a professional figure who knows SEO techniques, precisely an SEO specialist. Then you need valuable content, not just thrown texts, but content that is pleasant to read, informative, and that gives value to those who read them but are also interesting for search engines. They must therefore be constructed in a certain way, and this is the copywriter’s field. Finally, another important figure is the marketer, who studies the online and offline marketing strategies suitable for each company.

Sometimes these figures can coincide. A professional can have skills in a couple of areas, but get it into your head immediately that there is no “one man band” in this job, simply because you cannot follow all these aspects well alone. Collaboration with some other specialist is always needed. After all, would you ever go to the dentist to get an eye exam? I do not think so. When you start a collaboration with a web agency, the first thing you need to be clear about is the clauses. These can bind you, for example, in the transfer of the website and the use of texts, which could be covered by copywriting.

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

In light of all these things that I have told you, you will understand that it is not always possible to collaborate with the agency you are leaving, although it would be desirable. What you can do instead is to immediately ask your agency for essential information such as access to the database, the POP/IMAP and SMTP parameters, as well as the site’s FTP data and access to the administration panel. 

With this information, even if the relationship doesn’t end peacefully, you can still switch to another agency without losing valuable work. If, then, for contractual reasons, the site cannot be transferred, do not despair. Even if it were impossible to make a copy of the site to share it with the new hosting area, it could be consistently reproduced. Sure, this involves more work and a little more time to budget, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to start all over again, starting on the right foot this time.

How To Choose The New Web Agency

If you have been burned once, you will hardly make the same mistake again, but it is still good to have clear ideas. To understand what you need, you must have at least a picture of ​​the budget you want to invest in. Once you have considered your investment possibility, you will have to rely on the skills of a team of professionals.

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