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Siri, What It Is And How It Works The Apple Voice Assistant

Apple’s voice assistant is designed to make life easier for iOS users. Here’s what he can do and how he does it. It was the first in its category to make its appearance on the App Store, immediately winning the attention of millions of users worldwide. On the other hand, Apple’s watch had managed to beat them well before landing on the digital market of apps for iOS: the then company headed by Steve Jobs took over the entire capital of SRI (acronym of Stanford Research Institute ) with an operation from several million dollars. The official debut is dated October 4, 2011, when the new Apple CEO, Tim Cook, presented Siri to the world press during the “Let’s talk iPhone” event. A conference with a completely different name, given that the Apple voice assistant would finally make its first public appearance in a few minutes.

What Is Siri, The Voice Of Apple Devices

Siri is the “official voice” of Apple devices. As mentioned, it is the voice assistant responsible for fulfilling every user’s desire regardless of the apparatus of the bitten apple. Siri is developed (and perfected over time) to work with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple Watch to allow the user to make calls or set alarms with simple voice commands. Siri has free access to all the features of the other apps developed by the Cupertino house and natively present within iOS. He can access the contacts in the address book, send e-mail messages through Mail, search the web with Safari, and much more.

What Can Siri Do

But precisely what does Siri know, and what can Siri do? The answer is simple: almost everything. The Apple voice assistant can answer all kinds of questions – from the favorite actor’s birthday to live sports scores -provide detailed information on the events and events of the day, and check the opening hours of cinemas, gyms, and restaurants. Not only that: Siri can check the weather forecast and tell the user if and how long it will rain again, book plane or theater tickets, find books by a specific author, set reminders and provide directions to reach a particular place.

Siri, as an excellent personal assistant, can also “tidy up” the iPhone and iPad, accessing the features and tools of the default apps of the bitten apple device. This way, Siri can set the alarm, check the inbox, set an appointment, send text messages, and make calls. All we have to do is say the magic phrase: ” Hey Siri,” and Apple’s virtual assistant doors will open in front of us.

How Siri Works

The voice assistant Apple bases its fortunes on a mix of artificial intelligence and human language recognition algorithms. The entire architecture of Siri is based on three fundamental elements: a conversation interface, knowledge of the personal context, and delegation of services. Siri uses the conversation interface to recognize user requests by deciphering the sentences word by word and sending the data thus obtained to the analysis “units.” 

To understand the meaning behind the words, Siri relies on statistical and machine learning algorithms capable of learning and processing new information based on the data already present in the database or from the context in which you are located. Thanks to the knowledge of the context ( personal context awareness in English), the Apple voice assistant can read “between the lines’ ‘ and respond appropriately to even the most complex requests. Finally, the so-called delegation of services allows Siri to access the features of native Apple applications and thus be able to make calls, send messages, and check emails.

Siri Supported Languages

Over the years, Apple has expanded Siri’s reach by adding support for languages ​​worldwide. In addition to English (works for the US, UK, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, and Singapore), the Apple Personal Assistant also understands Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Norwegian, Cantonese, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Thai and Portuguese.

360-Degree Integration With Applications Developed By Third Parties

With iOS 10, Siri has undergone essential changes, allowing users to exploit the voice assistant’s potential fully. For example, it will be possible to use Siri within applications such as LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Slack, and Pinterest, making particular requests that will receive an immediate response from Siri.

Siri Also Arrives On Apple Watch

With the launch of the smartwatch, the Cupertino-based company has also brought its assistant to the Apple Watch to offer users the best possible experience. Through the classic ” Hey Siri,” it will be possible to activate the personal assistant and launch an application or order a command. To do this, bring the watch close to the user’s mouth and say the magical words. The power, however, will only work if the screen is deactivated: if you try to say the term “Hey Siri” with the display on, nothing will happen. Another way to activate the

What You Can Do With Siri On The Apple Watch

In addition to the classic commands that allow you to set the alarm, open apps, or receive information on the place to be reached, Siri offers exclusive features on the Apple Watch that will allow you to make the most of the potential of the smartwatch. For example, you can ask your assistant about the number of steps taken during the day or the calories burned during the last workout. Upon receiving the request, Siri will open the Activity app and show the user the results of their appeal.

Siri On Mac

One of the most important innovations of the new Apple macOS Sierra operating system is the ability to use Siri from your computer. In fact, until now, it was impossible to use the personal assistant on your MacBook Pro. Apple’s decision was also influenced by the choice made by Microsoft to introduce Cortana in Windows 10. In macOS Sierra, the user can request the help of the personal assistant at any time: the operation is similar to the smartphone, with exclusive features only difference. For example, it will be possible to ask Siri to find a photo present in a specific folder on the computer or to show the results of the last day of the championship. You can also use the personal assistant in programs developed by third parties.


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