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The Dislike Arrives On TikTok: How It Will Be

The “I do not like” button is coming to TikTok, which will be used to index comments and distinguish irrelevant or inappropriate content in a discussion. TikTok is one of the most popular social networks ever that, at the moment, is in excellent health, especially among the youngest.

Among the improvised politics in the extreme attempt to reach the millennials and the influencers now able to decide on good and bad times, this social network has become one of the reference points of Gen Z, which constantly craves innovations and new functions. Precisely for this reason, the company is about to launch an absolute novelty in the sector: the dreaded “I do not like” button for comments, represented by the classic thumb down. Let’s see in detail what it will be possible to do.

Tiktok, What Changes With The “I Don’t Like” Button

TikTok has been testing the new feature since the beginning of the year, and it will be officially released for all users shortly. In the same way as the Like, represented by the thumb up, the “I do not like” will have an equal and opposite function, even if, at the moment, it will be relegated only to comments. The company’s intention, however, would be another: according to experts, this new feature could help the algorithm find the less relevant words, bringing them down.

However, such feedback could be a double-edged sword since it could simply mean that users do not like a specific response that does not satisfy their taste, albeit on the subject. The “I do not like” button will be used only for comments and will have the function of identifying content that is not relevant to the topic, removing them from those in evidence. TikTok reiterated that the new tool would give greater relevance to the community by helping to recognize irrelevant or inappropriate comments, encouraging “positive” reactions.

The company has also confirmed that the “I do not like” button will not be visible to subscribers, effectively maintaining the only “indexing” function. However, it will be possible to “change your mind” and eliminate negative feedback for the benefit of a positive or neutral one; the creator of the content, however, will not receive any notification, but the comment will be left to “sink” into the sea magnum of the digital opinions of others.

TikTok: The News Coming To The Famous Social Network

The dislike button isn’t the only feature the company is testing. For a few days, experimentation for a function called (perhaps temporarily) TikTok Now has also started. This novelty tries to ride BeReal, one of the apps of the moment, which randomly invites subscribers to take a photo or video sharing what they are doing with the world. 

In summary, a person is doing quite the opposite when suddenly the cell phone lights up, inviting him to abandon whatever activity he is doing for the benefit of additional time spent on social media. There are still no official confirmations regarding TikTok Now. Still, the platform has confirmed that it is always working on specific privacy and security settings to guarantee this tool’s virtuous use. At the moment, the only certainty is that the device will also allow you to choose who to share this “sudden content” with and report behaviors that violate social guidelines.

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