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TvOS 17, All The New Operating System For Apple TV

TvOS 17, The Name

As for iOS, it was easy to predict the name, even for the Apple TV operating system. Not only because, numerically, tvOS 17 comes after tvOS 16 but because Apple has now unified the numbering of its OS. iOS 17, therefore, could not fail to be joined by tvOS 17.

TvOS 17, The Most Important News

With tvOS 17, Apple wanted to improve the synergy between devices further. And, as we will see shortly, the most interesting innovations concern the use of Apple TV and other Apple devices, such as the iPhone.


And in fact, one of the most important news is the arrival of FaceTime on the big screen of the TV. On Apple TV 4K, it will be possible to make video conferences with friends, relatives, or even work colleagues using the iPhone as a wireless webcam. The basic idea is always to take advantage of the Continuity Camera function already available for macOS: when you start FaceTime on Apple TV, the iPhone connected to the same account and WiFi network will turn into an extremely high-quality wireless webcam. 

Also, remember, the iPhone will allow the automatic framing function to keep the people framed in the center of the lens, zooming in or out depending on the situation. Furthermore, thanks to simple hand gestures, it will be possible to send reactions to be shown on the screen to other users. Note that it will be possible to initiate FaceTime calls directly from the TV and iPhone and transfer them to Apple TV.


As a facet of this function, there is also Spalti View with SharePlay: the user can watch films or TV series with other people, continuing to see the participants in the call on the screen. tvOS 17, new and notable

Control Center

The new Apple TV operating system now offers a Control Center, similar to the one that has been in force on the iPhone and iPad for years, albeit with fewer functions. In particular, the tvOs 17 control center provides information on the system, showing the time, the connected devices and the active profile, being able to change from one to another, to have a personalized interface depending on who is using the device.


Again, Apple Music Sing effectively transforms Apple TV into a real karaoke machine. This feature always uses the iPhone as a webcam, so the singers can still see each other on the TV in addition to seeing the lyrics on the screen.

Mom, I Lost The Remote Control

Also, in the wake of greater synergy between devices, iOS 17 and tvOS 17 will allow users to find the Siri Remote Control. In fact, by opening the control center on the iPhone, it will be possible to trace the second generation (or later models) Apple TV remote control. As you get closer to the remote, the circle on the screen will get bigger and bigger, showing you the direction to move.

Improved Screensaver

As happened on macOS 14 Sonoma, Apple wanted to give more importance to screensavers. Even on tvOS 17, the screen saver function improves. Now users can see a selection of Memories photos on the big screen, coming directly from their library, shared library, or both. In addition, the official screensavers welcome new aerial landscapes, such as Monument Valley in Arizona and Redwood National Park in California.

tvOS 17, More Features

  1. Enhance Dialogue, a function that allows Apple TV 4K to be combined with a second-generation HomePod to improve the spoken parts during movie or TV series scenes, even when there are special effects, actions and music. 
  2. Dolby Vision 8.1 support, with dynamic metadata, offers a wider range of movies and series.
  3. Apple Fitness improves with tvOS 17 and now offers customized Plans based on the day, duration and type of training desired. Furthermore, with the Stacks function, it will be possible for the user to select workouts or meditations to be performed in succession without interruptions. Again, the Audio Focus option allows you to prioritize the volume of music or coaches’ voices.
  4. tvOS 17 now supports third-party VPN apps

Compatibility And Release Date

The developer version is already available on the dedicated site, while the public version will be available to Apple TV users in July 2023. tvOS 17 will be available as a free software update for Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD, almost certainly in the fall, coinciding with the release of iOS 17 and the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro series, expected in September 2023.

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