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Why Monitor The Hashtags Of A Social Campaign?

Hashtags can also help your brand become popular and grow your business. Find how. A good marketing strategy involves taking care of social campaigns from conception to concrete results. Observing how the tactics put in place work is a crucial step. How to do it? By monitoring hashtags. The mechanism, however, also works in reverse. To build an effective social campaign, you need to monitor hashtags. So monitoring has a twofold advantage: it helps you understand how active campaigns are progressing and better set up future ones. 

What Is A Hashtag?

As we all know by now, the hashtag is a label that identifies a theme to which posts, photos, and various contents refer. Born on Twitter, it is now used on many other platforms, primarily Instagram and Facebook. In addition, he officially entered the common language and the media world. It is not uncommon to use it even in an ironic way in a personal discussion. We want to point out now that hashtag has become an essential element of advertising marketing.

What Are The Characteristics Of The Hashtag?

The hashtag is a powerful and intelligent communication channel in the web world. The three aspects that distinguish it and make it so profitable for a marketing campaign are:

  1. Virality: the hashtag can become viral in a short time and determine the success of those who created it; 
  2. Selection: the hashtag allows you to enter a specific theme and consequently to be found for specific and similar searches;
  3. Interaction: If used in the right way, the hashtag allows you to advertise to all the social network users who will use it without even having to ask for it.

However, to manage a social campaign, you need to know the system. And do you know how to use hashtags?

How Are Hashtags Used?

Let’s start with a little review to avoid making mistakes. 

  1. Better to use popular hashtags but not too much to avoid getting confused in the fray.
  2. Use generic hashtags and specific hashtags at the same time.
  3. Create original and straightforward hashtags.
  4. I prefer short hashtags.
  5. Don’t overdo the insertion of labels. 

Here, just a few precautions are enough to create a successful campaign.

Why Is Tracking Hashtags Critical To The Success Of Your Campaign?

We need to think of hashtags as social keywords. A good keyword makes an article popular, and a good hashtag can make a brand famous. But is it enough to insert them? Unfortunately not, if you want to have results on social networks that are useful for your business, it is not enough to enter and abandon them. We need to make an informed choice and control it in the action phase. 

Following the progress of a social campaign by monitoring the hashtags will allow you both to understand the campaign’s impact and to evaluate any errors not to be reproduced in the next. But that’s not all; here are some other benefits for your business:

  1. helps you understand its popularity and display value,
  2. evaluate engagement,
  3. allows you to identify which influencers are using it,
  4. provides the demographic information of the people who use it.

In other words, monitoring hashtags allows you to have internal control over the dynamics of the campaign and obtain information from it:

  1. external, on the effectiveness of the brand,
  2. internal, on users influenced by the hashtag and therefore likely future customers. 

This information will be beneficial to you to boost your marketing strategy. 

What Tools To Use To Track Hashtags?

Sure, we all ask: How do I track hashtags? Just use some tools available to everyone. Let’s look at some of them together.

Brand 24

Brand 24, with an interface similar to Google Analytics, allows you to analyze the movements of the hashtag globally on the web (sites, blogs, social networks, etc.).


Dedicated mainly to Twitter users, it allows you to search for hashtags, evaluate popularity (both over time and recent), the trends of the month and week, and perform a complete analysis of the profile. Additionally, you can track your Twitter account and that of another user to study the competition. This tool is paid.


This tool has a free basic version, with which you can check the data on your account and get information about the people who use your hashtag.


This tool offers a global view of the influence of your profile and that of other accounts. It also allows you to create campaigns on the recorded data directly and is one of the tools used by large companies and famous brands.

Social Searcher

It is a search engine with which you can monitor all social platforms and track all the content produced by your company. These are just some of the tools to monitor the hashtags of a social campaign. Also, combine them with direct evaluations: observe how the most followed profiles and famous brands behave. And remember, it’s not about copying but about taking inspiration. Finally, don’t forget that you can create actual campaigns “managed” by users with hashtags.

This aspect is perhaps one of the most interesting. Creating something alive and unique with direct and participatory intervention from the social audience is helpful for your brand. Campaigns of this type have a truly remarkable result. To be able to implement them, it is good to have a good following already and offer something very original and fun. Also, in this case, don’t forget to monitor your hashtags, creating ad hoc campaigns to become a very successful brand.


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