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Why Use It In The Corporate Communication Strategy?

What Is A Newsletter?

Translated into the newsletter, it is a periodic update on news, promotions, and initiatives that companies, institutions, and organizations share with their audience. The purpose? Communicate directly with current and potential customers, creating lasting relationships. 

It can be configured as a rich and economical marketing tool because it has different functions: it keeps users interested in the company, helps their loyalty, and can transform occasional web page visitors into customers. In short, a perfect combo where both the user and company can obtain advantages!

To be successful, the newsletter must have essential characteristics, i.e., make it easy for the user to cancel (it seems absurd, but this will demonstrate the company’s reliability by preventing the user from getting tired of our mail by marking us as spam), be interesting and useful (well written and structured, containing concise information at the beginning that can immediately capture the reader’s curiosity). 

How To Capture And Manage Readers?

The basis of the newsletter strategy is the contact list. This list consists of all who have chosen to provide their data (name, email) spontaneously or following a request via the form on their site (ecommerce, landing page for the promotion of an event, or other). This step is as delicate as it is fundamental because it allows you to collect and segment your audience by sending targeted messages. It is, therefore, important to “treat” it and maintain it over time. 

In this regard, it is advisable to use online platforms for managing your audience, such as Mailchimp American device that, among the many functions, offers email marketing that allows you to create integrations with your website, automating the entry of subscribers into the list, marking each contact with a characteristic and above all scheduling mailings according to date and now established. Small tip: if there are many subscribers, schedule the campaign’s sending in different time slots to avoid your newsletter becoming spam!

Why Is It Essential To Measure A Newsletter Campaign?

At this point, the newsletter is an easy tool to monitor your progress. But beware, to implement a good and effective email marketing strategy, data collection and interpretation are essential to evaluate your strategy’s progress. To analyze campaign results, it is essential to familiarize yourself with four indicators :

  1. Open rate
  2. This is the ratio between the emails opened by your contacts and the number of emails delivered. It allows you to evaluate the email subject’s relevance and your audience’s involvement. It’s the first step!
  3. Click rate
  4. It is necessary to determine the relevance and interest of the offer through the call to action.
  5. Bounce rate (bounces)
  6. The ratio of emails returned to the sender due to an error with the total number of emails sent.
  7. Spam rate
  8. Represents the percentage of reports as spam generated by your campaign and is the statistic with the greatest impact. It is recommended to automatically delete this type of contact not to affect your online reputation!

In addition to monitoring the indicators of your campaign, it is advisable to evaluate the A / B testing option to conduct tests on the content sent; it can represent a good ally for analyzing the different types of performance and conversions, such as user paths (call to action duration of visits). Last tip (but not least, indeed!) Provide unique and exclusive themes of interest to your contact list so you can become a point of reference for them until they can wait to receive and share your content!

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