Latest Posts | Get Your Device Synced With Your PC – Now that we are in the 21st century, everyone can access a personal computer or laptop at home. While some individuals use their computers for business, others use them for entertainment. But have we thoroughly explored all the capabilities of these remarkable innovations? If you do not, do not worry. We will cover several of the most popular aspects of Windows 7 and later. We refer to the brand new and exclusive ‘’ feature on your desktop computer or laptop. Microsoft included this function in Windows 10 and every subsequent release.

Therefore, if you are operating under one of these versions of Windows, you will benefit significantly from this functionality. The feature, a part of Windows OS, allows you to sync your computer with your smart device. Microsoft is working on a wide variety of software projects right now, and one of the most popular ones is the Phone Companion Software.

Therefore, we will go through the best and most straightforward approach to syncing your computer with your phone using Before we can reap the advantages of connecting a computer and a phone, we need to know what those benefits are. The question is whether or not linking your phone is required. We will explain more about how this feature works to address your query.

Perks From Connecting Your Smartphone To Your Windows PC

Because Microsoft introduced this function, using Windows on a smartphone is now a breeze. The benefits of this service component are as follows:

Smoothly Move Data

Well, to begin with, let us understand the most fundamental gain from using this program. These years have seen an increase in third-party apps for this purpose. Using USB cords was also a poor choice because of their clumsiness and the time it took to transmit the data. Nonetheless, users can send an endless amount of data in seconds using this program. It is so quick and safe that nobody will ever see your upload.

Allowing Use Of Applications

This aspect of Windows is helpful since it allows you to use your smartphone’s apps without switching between them. However, users will require internet access to complete the sync procedure, after which they can see the programs from their smartphones on a more prominent display.

Carry Out The Necessary Procedures

We have discussed using a bigger screen to run the programs. In any case, you can take action on such programs as well. Imagine if someone is contacting you right now on WhatsApp. If you have this capability, you can use it to answer calls and do other smartphone tasks on a more prominent display.

Smartphone Accessibility

Calling, transferring, and using the programs all work well. There is a lot more potential here than meets the eye. This program gives you complete control over your mobile device. Visit your photo and video albums. It is the main advantage of connecting the Smartphone with Windows OS with So, we will talk about the prerequisites and procedures for connecting a phone to a computer.

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Specifications For Connecting Smartphone Companion

A rundown of the fundamentals you will need to link your mobile device to a desktop or laptop computer follows.

Android & iOS Phone Companion Software

Visit to get the file immediately. If you click this link, you will be sent straight to Microsoft’s website, where you can get the file without hassle. The only catch is that you can only get it by downloading from the official Microsoft site (through this link) or the Play store on your smartphone.

Downloadable Windows OS Companion Program

A second must-have program is a Windows-based tool for locating compatible phone companion software. Type “Phone link” into the search field, and if the corresponding icon shows in the search results, click on it. If you do not see the symbol, ensure you use the most recent version of Windows. Said it only works with Windows 10 and above.

Access To Wi-Fi

The third crucial condition your devices must meet is a reliable and consistent internet connection. To have your smartphone’s apps and functions mirrored on your desktop or laptop computer, you will need a way to connect it to your computer.

Phone Connection Setup Through

Ensure you are connected to the internet and running an OS version of more than 6.0 before proceeding with the installation or operation. It is the first step, and it is where the process begins:

  • Go to to get the appropriate program for your mobile device.
  • Access the file on your mobile device after visiting and downloading it.
  • Enter your Microsoft account’s standard login information (username, password, and more) now.
  • Once you have done so, make a mental note of the email address and use it to access your account on a computer.
  • In the end, you will see a QR code reader.
  • Select it, and then scan it using the same Microsoft ID on the computer.
  • To access the smartphone scanner, go to
  • It will take you to the app store and search for “Phone link.” Launch the app to access the QR code reader and choose the “Open your Phone” menu item.
  • If you want to have your phone scanned, you should put it in the scanner’s sight. Once your device is verified, it will request several fundamental access rights. Take your time reading them, and then continue.
  • After everything is set up, your gadget will appear on the monitor.
  • Use your smartphone’s functions on your computer.

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Can You Tell Me How To Disconnect Users’ Smartphones From Their Computers?

Congratulations, your gadget is now connected via on the web. However, you are now experiencing issues with this function and want to disconnect the smartphone from the computer. Follow the following instructions to disconnect your smartphone from your computer.

  • Initially, you will need to go to Microsoft’s website and sign in using the same email address you used.
  • Next, click the “Device” tab to see all of the connected gadgets at once.
  • Select the device you would want to unpair and tap the Delete button.
  • The disconnected status can be seen by reopening the app on the mobile device.
  • If you wish to get rid of the link on your mobile device, follow the same steps
  • Launch the companion app and tap the gear icon to adjust the settings. Locate the Accounts menu and click it to access your accounts.
  • Examine the PC to see whether the Microsoft email address is the same one used to sign in.
  • After the account has been located, the “Logout” button is clicked.
  • After following the on-screen prompts will disconnect your device from the computer.

Put An End To Technical Difficulties Experienced With

All right, here are some things you can do to get your computer and the specified website to join up finally:

  • Be sure that an identical Microsoft account is used to sign in to both gadgets.
  • Verify that your internet connection is active and running correctly.
  • To avoid losing all network connectivity, disable the power-saving feature on your computer.
  • Turn off your phone’s “Do not Disturb” setting immediately.
  • Please only use the authorized website


We have covered the remarkable capability of Microsoft’s Windows OS. Because of this innovation, users no longer have to go through the trouble and time of downloading and installing additional software. They need to connect their smartphones to the computer through a USB cable to carry out any task they can complete via the smart device. Download the latest versions of the apps you will need on your computer and smart device at Then, use Windows’s cutting-edge capabilities, which do more than connect and mirror your devices. It is the go-to name in its field because it consistently provides superior service to its clientele, making its competitors obsolete.

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