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Top Kodi Skins To Install For A Brand New Appearance

Kodi Skins – Kodi 19 “Matrix” comes with a skin named “Estuary,” which has not been updated much in a long time. Several skins are available for Kodi outside the default, which users can change with little effort. Skins are awesome because they can transform Kodi into a whole different application. The most reliable Kodi skins keep up with Kodi’s frequent updates.

They provide new menus, animations, and methods of displaying your media collection. We have done the legwork to determine which skins for Kodi are the very finest. Geared for home theater use, Kodi is an open-source media player. Kodi skins are files that modify the user interface (UI) of Kodi, altering its look and feel in various ways. Accordingly, if you want to spice up Kodi on your gadget, it is time to switch to a new Kodi skin.

Tips For Changing Kodi Skins

You can easily change the Kodi skins by following the instructions below.

  • Launch Kodi, click the Settings cog and then choose Interface Settings
  • Just choose Skin from the list on the left. You can now modify your Skin’s look and feel by clicking Skin settings on the right.
  • Estouchy and Estuary, the two pre-installed Kodi Skins Krypton, will be shown in a box. Just choose the Get More option over on the right if you want to get more Kodi Skins.
  • Change Kodi’s look and feel by selecting a skin from the list.

Here Are The Top Kodi Skins In 2022

We have compiled a list of the top Kodi skins to help you customize your media center. These skins are compatible with Kodi’s most recent release, Leia. Use the following links to get straight to the skins that pique your attention. You have to go to our list in a moment, but first, let us go through the process by which you can add the Kodi skins you see here.

Instructions For Applying Kodi Skins On Your Device

Two methods exist for adding skins to Kodi. One way to get add-ons for Kodi without downloading extra files is to use the official Kodi repository. The alternative method uses a compressed archive for setup. You will find descriptions of both approaches below to make an informed decision.

Install Kodi Skin through the Official Repository

  • Launch Kodi and go to the Add-ons sub-menu. To find the desired Skin, type its name into the “Search” field below.
  • After that, launch the skin installer and apply the Skin you choose.
  • You will be prompted to alter the Skin when the installation is complete. Only “Yes” will do, so choose it.

Kodi Skin Installation Using a ZIP File

  • The ZIP file is available for download at the URL provided in the description of each Kodi skin below.
  • The next step is to launch Kodi and go to the program’s “Add-ons” menu. Select “Install from ZIP file” to begin.
  • Identify the compressed archive you just downloaded. Just click “OK,” and it will apply the Skin instantly.
  • As soon as you change the Skin, a prompt will display. After answering “Yes,” you will be ready to try out the new look.

Since you now know how to install it, here is our full list.

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Top Kodi Skins

We will discuss the best Kodi skins for your devices, so now you know how to switch between skins.

Aeon Nox

If you are looking for a great Kodi skin, go no further than Aeon Nox. It has an easy-to-understand UI and a wide variety of tweakable parameters. The Skin is also lightweight, with a relatively small download file size of about 10 MB. As a result, it is suitable for both novice and seasoned Kodi users. For example, Aeon Nox 5: Destiny, Aeon NoQ, Aeon Nox Silvo, and Aeon Nox LEGO are all skins that have proven to be rather popular among users.

Black Glass Nova

Another well-liked Kodi Skins that is simple to use is Black Glass Nova. Kodi’s default settings show a horizontal bar featuring huge thumbnails for the menu. Moving your mouse to the left or right over various content types will present you with visual representations of those types. This Skin is lightweight and will take very little time to download and set up.


Amber is another skin for Kodi that can be modified extensively, has a wide range of useful features, and works well on any device. Its layout is simple to use, the writing is crisp and clear, and moving between different menu options is a breeze, even on older devices. It is one of the greatest Kodi skins since you can change almost everything about it, including the home shelf, backdrop, home menu, and more.


Since Xperience 1080 was developed with high-definition (HD) watching in mind, viewers are treated to an optimal HD experience. Because it is panel-based, it is quite user-friendly. Despite its portability and impressive animation, it is surprisingly lightweight. If you have an Xbox One, you should notice that the Xperience 1080 looks and feels quite familiar.


ReFocus is stylish and packed with important features and gives personalized selections. Touch support and a skin widget builder are included. This Skin is almost ideal if you are running Kodi with a touchscreen. It also remembers what episodes and movies you have seen to tailor its suggestions to your preferences.

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If you are looking for minimalistic, flat-style Kodi Skins, go no further than Mimic. It also offers a variety of customization options, including the ability to change the color to suit your tastes. Since this Skin is already optimized for touchscreens, users can use it on various mobile devices.

Arctic: Zephyr

Zephyr, an Arctic skin, is uncluttered and easy on the eyes. It is optimized for the Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV since it condenses much content into a tiny viewing area. The mouse is disabled, and there is no touch support with this Skin.


Applying a new skin to Kodi can make your installation seem more personalized and tailored to your preferences. As a result, you can choose the ideal Skin for your device from the ones we have provided, ranging from light to heavy. You can also let us know your preferred Skin in the comments if we forgot it or overlooked anything.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Where can people download Kodi Skins?

People can obtain Kodi Skins with little effort. Get the ZIP file linked to each Kodi skin’s description. Turn on Kodi and go to the menu’s Add-ons section. Start browsing for the Skin you like, and click the Install button. After that, you need to hit the OK button to finish installing the Skin.

How can people alter their Kodi Skins?

Similarly transparent is Kodi’s skin customization. And you can do it without ever leaving Kodi! To access the interface in Kodi, choose the gear menu item and then click on the “Interface” tab. Now, choose Skin from the sidebar on the left and Skin from the menu on the right to make some modifications to the Skin. Next, it will present you with various skins to choose from when customizing Kodi for your needs. If you want to see other skins, choose to Get More and install the one that piques your attention.

Is there a recommended Kodi Skins for the Fire TV Stick?

Kodi skins like Nebula, Chroma, and Aeon Nox are widespread on the Fire Stick. Black Glass Nova, however, can confidently claim the title of finest Kodi skin for Fire Stick. The sheer quantity of tricks is what sets it apart.

Can you tell me how to alter my Skin in No Limits Build?

You can easily and quickly alter your appearance by applying new skin. Open Kodi on your gadget, click the settings cog, choose Interface Settings, and finally click Skin. Kodi’s default skin, Estuary, can now be activated by going to the Skin menu. After making your choice, confirm it and then restart Kodi.

Disclaimer: Remember that downloading pirated content could put your personal information at risk. Thus we never suggest doing so. In addition, we know that pirated content is against the law, and we cannot support ourselves by breaking the law. It would be best to decide whether a certain Kodi plugin is worth installing. By the conclusion of this article, we hope you will be able to utilize the media player like a pro, thanks to our extensive instructions.

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