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Google Meet: What Is The Google Video Conferencing System

What Is Google Meet

In times of lockdown, the smart working theme has become tremendously current, so much so that research on new ways of working from home has increased dramatically. Video Conferencing platforms have registered the same trend and are now in everyday use for business objectives and needs related to socialization. Google Cloud Premier Partner and Google Workspace reseller recommend using Meet as a valuable ally if you are looking for a business solution for smart working that is immediately understandable and reliable. 

Google Meet is undoubtedly one of the most used videoconferencing systems and has entered the working life of companies thanks to features that make it particularly efficient. The so-called Google videoconference spread widely in the spring of 2020 in response to the restrictions due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), but the publication of the software dates back to March 2017. Below we will see in detail what it is.

How Google Meet Works

With Google Meet, you can make video conferences between internal members of a company and by inviting external people. Making a video call from both a browser and mobile is straightforward. If you are wondering “How does Google Meet work?” you should know that there are four ways to start a meeting:

  1. Directly from the App or from the Meet online platform, by selecting the item Start a meeting
  2. From Gmail, by selecting the item Start a meeting on the left, you will be immediately directed to a new window.
  3. From Google Calendar, by creating an event and adding the title, start and end time of the meeting, and guests, click on Add Google Meet videoconference.
  4. Directly from the chat with a colleague or group on Gmail by clicking the video call icon at the top left. This function can be beneficial, for example, for those unscheduled meetings when the need arises for a sudden clarification.

People invited via Calendar or by entering their email addresses will receive the invitation and link to join the meeting in their email. Alternatively, when starting a meeting, it is possible to obtain a shareable code that anyone can use by entering it under Meeting Code and clicking Join to connect to the videoconference.

Main Features Of Meet

Google Meet includes several valuable features for exchanging information during video calls and managing participants. For example, it is possible:

  1. Share your screen
  2. Send text messages
  3. Record a video call
  4. Remove a person or mute their microphone

Sharing Your Screen

While joining a Google Meet meeting, screen sharing is done in three simple steps :

  1. Click Submit Now (the button is at the bottom right)
  2. Choose whether to share a single window or the whole screen
  3. Confirm by clicking Share

When you want to end screen sharing, select Stop Presentation.

Sending Text Messages

It may happen that it is helpful to send a text message during the videoconference, but the reasons may differ: sharing a link, giving a quick study, or fixing an exciting concept. Of course, Google Meet has an integrated chat that can be activated simply from a computer, Android, iPhone, and iPad device.

Video Call Recording

In many cases, having an accurate report at the end of a meeting on Meet is helpful. In order not to miss any passage, you can activate the recording of the video call. The Google Meet Guide states, “To register a meeting, the Google Workspace administrator must enable registration for your account. You can register if:

  1. You are the meeting organizer
  2. You are part of the same organization as the organizer
  3. You are a teacher and logged into your Google Workspace account, but not as a student.”

Remove A Person And Mute The Microphone

Also worth knowing is the feature that allows you to remove a person from a Meet video meeting. To proceed with the virtual removal of the participant, select the item Persons and then identify the name of the person on whom you want to act. With the same path, you can also choose to disable the microphone of any annoying participant or from which noises come.

Who Can Use Meet?

The Meet is the videoconferencing platform included in Google Workspace explicitly designed for companies. Having highlighted this critical point, one of the first questions to answer is: How many people can attend a meeting on Google Meet? The manufacturer’s response is: “As of September 30, 2020, all versions of Google Workspace support up to 250 attendees per meeting. After September 30, 2020, the size of the meetings will depend on the account and the version of Google Workspace in use “. Currently, the maximum number of Google Meet attendees is:

  1. 100 for Basic and for nonprofits
  2. 100 for Education
  3. 150 for Business
  4. 150 for Essentials
  5. 250 for Enterprise and Enterprise for Education

Thanks to a functional and intuitive interface, Meet allows you to organize meetings between the various team members of a company in a simple and fast way. Not only that, but it is also possible to invite people from outside the company to the meeting or make presentations by sharing the entire computer screen, a single window, or a Chrome tab with the other participants. A series of valuable functions for companies, schools, and universities. Google created G Suite for Education, and thanks to Meet, it has made it easier for many people worldwide to teach and learn remotely.

Google Meet And Privacy

Among essential features of Google Meet, there is certainly the possibility of carrying out video meetings in absolute safety. Taking advantage of all the advantages of a secure infrastructure such as Google Cloud for data protection and privacy, meetings are encrypted to avoid illegal behavior. High-security standards are implemented on every level. As for the enterprise dimension, security is maximum on all strategic aspects such as, for example, on the Data location. The defenses are multilevel and interlocking on hardware, firmware, operating system, and browser; all updates happen in one place.

It must be remembered that some video conferencing software that came to the fore during the lockdown showed non-negligible criticalities about central issues such as privacy and security. Zoom, for example, did not use an end-to-end encrypted connection for its calls: in business contexts, it is not a detail that can be overlooked. Instead, Meet is safe, as it uses the same protections used daily by Google, which owns the world’s largest and most complex network.

How To Join A Meeting On Meet

There are several paths to join a video call. The meeting can be accessed through :

  1. Meet
  2. Calendar
  3. Gmail
  4. Meeting code (or nickname)

The steps are elementary and intuitive whether you join directly through the Meet application or the other methods listed. Google Cloud provides a page explaining in detail how to “join a video meeting. ” Finally, it is good to know that when an appointment has not been scheduled and is organized at the last second, it is possible to enter the virtual meeting by clicking on a link sent by the organizer.

The Benefits Of Google Meet

In the panorama of videoconferencing systems, Google Meet stands out for a series of important reasons that make it the perfect app for communicating and collaborating with the team wherever you are in a simple, effective way and with maximum security. Google Meet:

  1. It is elementary to use. Click on a link and start the video call.
  2. It can be implemented in any infrastructure in no time.
  3. It offers excellent video and audio quality, which automatically balances according to the type of device in use and according to the detected connection quality.
  4. It allows you to create virtual rooms with other users, even if they are not Google Workspace or gmail.com users.
  5. Allows participation by anyone with an email address from any provider
  6. It is sufficient to use the browser. It does not require the installation of any application to access the videoconference.
  7. It is natively integrated with other business tools such as Mail, Calendar, and drive.
  8. It allows the applications to connect with various devices using the appropriate app available in the leading stores.
  9. It has a low cost
  10. It has high-security standards implemented on every level.
  11. Enables extremely reliable performance at scale, based on Google’s global infrastructure.


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