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How To Convert A Word To Pdf

Knowing how to convert a Word file to PDF can be helpful in many areas: here are the best sites and programs to transform text documents. Converting a Microsoft Word file to PDF is a very intuitive procedure commonly used by all users of the famous productivity suite. It is a way to send documents securely, without the risk that someone may inadvertently modify them, and it is also a practical and functional solution to store files on the PC neatly.

Moreover, using a PDF is a universal system for transferring documents to different devices such as smartphones or tablets that support this format in total tranquility. There are several solutions to convert a file from Word to PDF. Let’s see which are the best and the most used by users.

How To Convert A Word File To PDF

The office is the famous suite from Microsoft, designed to have all the tools necessary for work and productivity. Starting from this software, converting a Word file to a PDF is a relatively simple and intuitive operation. After creating the document or opening an existing one, click on “File” and, from the drop-down menu, choose “Save as”. Once the save window is open, you only need to select the directory in which to save the newly converted document.

Eventually, it will be necessary to rename the file or change the format from under the name bar by choosing PDF and finally clicking on “Save”. Microsoft Word allows you to export a file from Word to PDF in just a few clicks, remaining one of the most used solutions by users today. In a highly intuitive way, it will be possible to transform a Word file into a PDF without ever leaving Microsoft Office. Alternatively, the appropriate function allows you to export a document to PDF directly.

To try this alternative solution, click on “File” and then on “Export”; finally, click Create PDF / XFS. At this point, a window will open very similar to the one seen in the previous method already set to PDF. It will only be necessary to rename the file, choose the directory to save and click on “Save”. Two mirror functions allow you to convert the file into one of the formats available to the user immediately.

Convert A File To PDF From LibreOffice

For those who have chosen to use only open source software and prefer  LibreOffice, the procedure for converting a file to a PDF is very similar. Before proceeding, we must make a premise: in this case, the program will not be called Word but Writer, and the format to be converted will not be docx but odt. For the rest, LibreOffice is fully mirrored in Microsoft Word, offering most of the features and tools available to users. LibreOffice is a free and utterly open-source productivity suite. 

It guarantees the same performance as Microsoft Office but does not need a license. First, you need to create or open a text document. Now all that remains is to click on the appropriate button in the toolbar and proceed with saving the file in PDF. At this point, a saving window will appear on the screen where you can rename the file and choose the directory to save it and export it in the new format. Also, in this case, an effortless and intuitive procedure.

Convert A File From Word To PDF Online

For those who do not want to install any program on the PC, many alternatives exist to transform a Word file into a PDF entirely online. This choice is also excellent for those who work from a smartphone or tablet, as it can be reached simply from the internet browser. Among the most used is the famous Google Documents suite, a solution that is the same in all respects as Microsoft Office and LibreOffice in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The application allows you to create, edit and export a Word file in any of the most used formats. 

After creating or opening the text document, all that remains is to click on “File”, go to “Download”, and finally click on “PDF document”. Google Docs is a full-fledged text editor that allows you to create your document from scratch, format it and work on it as if it were one of the editors above. Google Docs is Google’s productivity suite that allows you to edit and modify a text document while remaining entirely online and without installing anything. Among the various online options, there are sites like I Love PDF or PDF2GO, which guarantee excellent results and very intuitive use. 

Despite their different names, these options work the same, only on other interfaces. To convert a Word to PDF, you must upload the file in the appropriate box, choose the required output format, and start the conversion operations. In a few seconds, the PDF will be ready and click on “Download” to archive it on your computer. All these sites offer the user many customization possibilities, allowing you to work on your files, merging or separating them from each other. Unlike Google Docs, however, they do not allow the creation of a text from scratch, and it will therefore be necessary to use a document ready to be converted. Being a viral feature, dozens of online sites offer the ability to convert a file from Word to PDF. They all work more or less similar to the ones above and are all equally reliable.


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