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LinkedIn And GenZ: Digital Natives On The Rise

The future is already sitting at the desk. GenZ or “Generation Greta” is the fastest-growing group on LinkedIn. Not only are they many, but their engagement on the business platform has grown exponentially since 2021. That alone makes us sit up and take notice.

GenZ, GenZ. No, that’s not a section of DNA. It’s the mandate for hopefuls, potential customers, or simply “young people that we don’t quite understand.” The generation born between 1997 and 2012 are not people from the future. You are mature and digital here. And so here are a few interesting insights about GenZ and LinkedIn.

Digital Natives On The Rise

27 percent of workers in 2025 will come from Generation Z. The pandemic has fundamentally changed working life, and digital natives will conquer the job market with their ideas and experiences in the future. Completely remote completely digital is nothing new in our industry. But GenZ will see this as “normal” across the board. The labor market is changing. 

Since September 2021, a 54 percent increase in job changes compared to the previous year has been observed. So a lot is going on on the platform. According to LINKEDIN itself, Gen Z is the fastest-growing group on the platform and is expected to account for up to $143 billion in direct spending in the future. Roughly speaking: They are increasing, romping on the platform, and leaving money there.

Why Should We Build A Relationship As A Brand Or Company?

There are currently 78 million young people on the business platform. That’s about 10 percent of all members worldwide. But it will not stay that way in the future. The growing group is therefore becoming interesting for B2B business. The GenZ does not differ fundamentally from other generations. They also use LinkedIn to advance their careers. But they place significantly more value on a value-based approach to their jobs. It’s probably not just about growth but also transparency and authenticity. 

According to a LinkedIn survey, they want to be part of something bigger than themselves. Early brand awareness is therefore worthwhile to gain long-term trust. Tip: If we want to get a feel for our potential audience, let’s look at volume in Ads Manager. These are only approximations, but they show roughly what it looks like in the selected region. Feel free to look in your country or region for the target group aged 18-24.

How Does GenZ Behave On LinkedIn?

Logically, the Great generation has not been so well represented on the business platform in recent years. But little by little, the young people are striving to get into the labor market and become active on the forum. Here are the insights from LinkedIn :*

  1. Once a week on LinkedIn
  2. Engagement 2.7X higher than early 2022 (likes, clicks, comments, shares)
  3. 80% are interested in following more companies and organizations on LinkedIn
  4. 75% find the LinkedIn content of companies and organizations “valuable.”
  5. GenZ wants to stay up to date on industry trends
  6. Pages from significant-tech brands and business publishers are the most visited

Which Content Appeals To Generation Z?

LinkedIn has tweaked its platform a lot in recent years and is taking a more content-oriented approach. There are in-house editorial teams that compile articles, initiate discussions, or write articles themselves. Content, therefore, also plays a vital role for LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn data, the young target group is more focused on their career and industry and is willing to work on these goals over the weekend. They are certainly ambitious, but (and this is exciting!) also socially conscious:

  1. 73 percent want to be successful
  2. 72 percent would like to be financially secure
  3. 74 percent want to learn new skills

These topic clusters are therefore attractive:

  1. Networking, learning, and research
  2. Finance, investment, and economy

Three Content Tips For GenZ On LinkedIn

Stories from people about real stories with close people. In particular, the young generation is looking for orientation and wants to follow other people. We grew up with the “following.” Trendy influencers like Melinda Gates, Bill Gates, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jeff Weiner, and Arianna Huffington. Tip: As a brand or company, create real stories and show the corporate culture. Open the doors and take the young users with you on your mission.

Seek and find inspiration GenZ is on the lookout. The world is still open to you. Even if they have been slowed down in the last two years, the thirst for inspiration, trends, and creative ideas is unbroken. You want to realize yourself. Tip: Let this group dream and discover new horizons. Create content with unusual facts or exciting perspectives.

Guides and How To Thirst for knowledge and curiosity. Two buzzwords that these digital natives claim for themselves. They know where to get digital information and search for it selectively. Tip: Produce content that advances and educates this group. Show solutions, offer possibilities, and help with guides and how-tos.



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