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Tips For Writing An Article

Tips For Writing An Informative Article

People on the web are looking for solutions and content that allow them to solve more or less critical situations, and you have to be there. It’s part of your inbound marketing strategy. But most importantly, you need to be there with the correct information.

Otherwise, you are useless for the purpose, zero. You won’t get a second chance from every man who accidentally finds you on Google. Your friend who follows you on Twitter will continue to read your posts even after a joke article, but the SERP man you have to hit him. You have to let him know right away that there is information on your blog.

Study The Topic

Omniscience is a quality that is not part of this world. Before writing an article that can be defined as truly informative, you have to do a very simple thing: study the topic. You have to become an expert by reading books, blogs, magazines.

Follow The Experts

Studying is not enough, you also need to be up to date. The study gives a strong foundation, but to always be on the crest of the wave there is only one way to go: to follow the experts in the sector. On the web it’s simple, just sign up for blog RSS feeds or Twitter updates (you can create a Twitter List that includes experts).

Do Not Waste Time

This is a rule that we have already crossed several times on My Social Web. We repeat it: readers do not have the time and desire to read 10 paragraphs to understand the topic of your articles. Title, description and first paragraph (maybe even image) must be contents that enclose the points of your work.

Use Graphics Well

There are so many ways to amplify the most important information . In some cases, formatting  and bulleted lists are enough, but you can try something different with boxes. That’s right, information boxes. I’m talking about graphically different boxes from the rest of the post (you decide how different) in which to insert the essential points , just like I did in this article on quotes for freelance web writers .

You Have To Be Honest

You are able to gauge the quality of information in an article, and all you need is a good dose of honesty about your work. Are you sure you wrote something interesting? What’s the difference between your post and that of many other bloggers? Does your information give something extra? Answer honestly .

Tips For Writing Engaging Article

Information and emotion. This coexistence is not impossible, especially when you have to use words. Those who work in the world of copywriting know the strength of their weapons: headline , call to action, storytelling. You can do a lot with your keyboard. You do not believe me? Try following these tips.

Use The Right Words

To excite you don’t need articulated sentences or sophisticated terms, but the right words. There are cases in which an object is not very large but gigantic , a flame is not very hot but burning, an evening is not very beautiful but sparkling. Choose a thesaurus but don’t be fooled by adjectives and adverbs .

Make Use Of Figures Of Speech

Here are the best friends of every self-respecting web writer. Rhetorical figures  embellish a sentence with that detail that makes the difference , but they can also move seas and mountains. To take up the phrase from a famous film by Verdone, the metaphor is a bit iron and a bit a feather . It’s up to you to decide!

Don’t Dry Out The Text

When you write a text you have to let it rest for half an hour. Then you take it back and start removing everything you don’t need, simplifying everything that can be simplified . But don’t forget that an immediate, easy-to-read text is not a dry text. When cleaning your items, remember to respect the shades that are capable of giving color and emotions. Writing as therapy needs all of this.

Talk To Readers

I say “you” to my readers. In this way I involve them, I make it clear that they are not reading an instruction manual , but that they have in their hands (in front of their eyes) an article that speaks to the individual. The distances between reader and author are nullified.

Never Overdo It

The writer knows how heavy words are. On the web you can delete them, but people don’t forget. I don’t want to limit your creativity, but only to warn you of the excesses that lie behind your desire to excite. Maybe with a bad joke, a contemptuous attitude towards an opinion or a problem, an irony that turns into offense. This is all-important.

Other Tips For Writing An Article

One last free tip for informative and emotional articles: always use links. Respect the sources you are exploiting , do not be afraid to reward those who helped you write and to facilitate the life of those who are reading you with a good link. An informative text can be unexciting. The risk is real when you try to list precise instructions and diagrams. 

Yet Ikea has managed to give a note of irony even to these documents that have remained on the margins of creativity. Icons to write an article? to improve information and emotion you need to know your reader. Only in this way can you write texts capable of informing in the right way, of reporting the news that your readers are waiting for, but above all of feeding emotions. The word is yours: do you like this list?


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