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What Twitch Is And How It Works

What Twitch is and how it works. Tips for accessing the famous streaming platform and becoming one of the most famous creators on the net. Among the most popular streaming platforms in the world is Twitch. Unlike other more well-known social networks, such as YouTube, most of the content is broadcast live and related to the world of video games. Not for nothing, Twitch is called “the home of gamers,” and most subscribers follow and share any information on the world of video game entertainment. Over time, the platform has broadened its horizons, leading to the birth of thousands of thematic channels that deal with the most disparate topics, from cinema to comics, passing through music, current events, and even philosophy.

How To Sign Up For Twitch?

Watching videos and following live on the site does not require registration; however, you must register to use the more advanced features. Registering is simple; go to the official website and click on “Sign up” at the top right. After filling in the user form, and indicating your email and password for access, click on the appropriate button. Before accessing the contents, the account must be confirmed by sending an email to the indicated address; Only then will you be able to use 100% Twitch, or you can use an Amazon account.

How Does Twitch Work?

The operation of Twitch is very intuitive and is based (as for all social networks) on the discourse of following a content creator. Given a large number of streamers on the site, getting lost among the various videos is straightforward because the Amazon platform offers many features. To navigate the site, you can quickly start from the Home page, which appears rich in live content. Clicking on one of them will begin playing the video that can be saved as a favorite to remain just a click away. 

An important detail is always to follow the channels of interest so that their contents appear in evidence and take “precedence” over those recommended randomly. In the “Browse” section, you can explore the platform, starting from the topics or a specific game; naturally, the trending products or products that attract more viewers will be offered to the user on several occasions. Once the subject of interest has been selected, Twitch will indicate the most appropriate or followed channels based on the user’s country of origin and the interests indicated. 

Furthermore, within each video on the platform, there is a chat that allows you to write at any time by sending a message to all viewers; the number of people watching the content is shown below. To review the replica of the content or a video published within a channel, you must enter the creator’s profile and search in the “Video” tab. Here you will have access to all recent broadcasts and various featured content of the channel. Being a social network, Twitch’s operation is intuitive and reminiscent of how live broadcasts are managed on all other social networks; the difference is in the interaction with the creators, which takes place in real-time and is “less filtered” than the other more famous channels.


What Devices Are Supported?

Being a streaming service, Twitch supports a wide variety of devices, from traditional PCs to applications for mobile devices and consoles. Among the most used applications in the field of smartphones and tablets, we find those for Android and iOS; however, an increasingly large number of users also commonly use players for Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox, Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV. There are no particular indications for playing the contents. However, some older devices may no longer be supported. For any presentation, in this regard, it is advisable to consult the official support page, which contains a list of all the platforms capable of supporting Twitch.

How Much Does Twitch Cost?

Subscription to the platform is free. However, advertisements will be reproduced during the reproduction of content. To eliminate this “constraint,” you can use subscriptions to channels that allow the removal of advertising from that specific channel and guarantee some exclusive benefits. These are available in three different packages: level 1, from € 4.99 per month; level 2, from 9.99 euros per month; level 3, from 24.99 euros per month. Suppose you want to subscribe at the prices listed above. In that case, it is preferable to do so from the official website and not from the applications available for the various devices that may have surcharges. 

These subscriptions, by default, eliminate blocks during live broadcasts and the possibility of chatting directly with people subscribed to that channel, making communication more direct. However, each streamer can decide to add additional benefits to their channel. There is no detailed case study because each situation is different from the other; the suggestion is to carefully read the information on the track before taking out any subscription. Twitch membership is free. However, to fully support creators, you need subscriptions and donations designed to “thank them” for their work. Twitch also allows you to give your friends a subscription to share your interests or content. 

An additional subscription method called Amazon Prime Gaming provides a free monthly subscription and the ability to access computer games and content. Having been purchased by Amazon, this subscription method is included with Amazon Prime and, therefore, is available to all subscribers to the service of the e-commerce giant. In addition to subscriptions on Twitch, there are also donations, representing a voluntary contribution that users send to their favorite streamer. These do not give any advantage on the platform and are not regulated directly by the site. Generally, creators willingly accept these incentives, which are seen as a way to “thank them” for their time and work. 

Everyone handles these donations the way they like, with some streamers offering exclusive videos or special dedications. Each subscription or donation corresponds to “prizes” that the various streamers give away to the most generous or loyal users. The last way to support creators on this social network is to buy bits. These represent a kind of virtual currency that can be used to purchase additional content such as emoticons; each time the user uses this content in chat, the streamer receives a cash consideration that varies based on the price of the content purchased. 

While generic and valid everywhere on Twitch, these indications are not universal; each streamer can decide to follow different formulas, in many cases even external to the platform, to manage his followers independently. While broadcasting their live streaming on this social network, it is not uncommon for many users to ask to subscribe to a newsletter or the Telegram channel, where they can offer additional added content for free and for a fee.

How Can You Monetize On Twitch?

Earning on Twitch isn’t impossible, but it’s certainly not a simple thing. As mentioned, there are several ways to support the platform’s creators, and, of course, these all lead to more or less substantial gains. For a streamer, a large part of the income derives from the subscriptions and bits that users decide to spend on his channel or one of his content. Even the advertisements broadcast during the live show bring a profit, even if it depends a lot on the number of followers, the content published and the following the various broadcasts have. The safest way to make money with Twitch is to become an affiliate or partner of the site. 

Monetizing on Twitch, as with all social networks, is not impossible; however, we are talking about a real job requiring effort and a lot of investments. Like all social networks, this platform is also based on visibility, views, and the number of people who follow a creator. Once a rather large catchment area has been reached, sponsors and incentives from the manufacturers could arrive. It does not happen often, but many people have made a fortune on this social network, earning thousands of euros daily. At the center of everything, however, some content must be attractive and made in the best way to excite as many users as possible. 


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