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For Google’s Foldable Smartphone, We Have To Wait Until 2023

Many were expecting Big G to reveal the foldable smartphone at the October event or at least a teaser of the device. But none of this has happened. According to several leakers, the Google Pixel Fold would have been presented as a surprise during the Made by Google event held in October 2022, together with the Pixel 7 range and the Pixel Watch and Pixel Tablet devices. Unfortunately, despite expectations, the Mountain View giant did not disclose any information about the foldable smartphone, leaving fans in total apprehension. At the moment, the rumor is that Google has postponed the launch date of the Pixel Fold: it is now unlikely to arrive in 2022, despite previous reports claiming otherwise.

The First Indication Comes From Ross Young

On Twitter, the well-known leaker Roland Quandt asked himself: So where’s that Pixel foldable? Among the answers was also that of Ross Young, analyst and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants or DSCC, who, like Quandt, is a relatively reliable informant. The aura of mystery will continue to hover over Google’s Pixel Fold for a few more months. So Young suggests that according to his sources, Pixel Fold is expected to debut in the first quarter of 2023. Moreover, responding to a user who asked if the project had been canceled or not, Young added that, based on the latest information, the first shipments of the folding displays from those who produce them to those who assemble them would leave in January.

Pixel Fold: Still, Everything Is Silent

Ross Young’s explanation for the release of the folding smartphone in Q1 2023, or between January and March 2023, therefore seems to confirm the release of the device by March, leaving, however, doubt regarding when the folding will be presented in public. In fact, from Google, there are no official confirmations on the timing of the arrival of the Google Pixel Fold. Some experts are still convinced that Google’s foldable will be out “on time” by early 2023

Indeed, Google will not replicate the same ad strategy used for the Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch – done well in advance during the Google I / O in May, five months after their release on the market, because by now, it would already be out of time. Instead, the company may choose an “Apple-style” promotional campaign, with a flash ad of the device a few weeks after its release. However, in this case, it remains to be understood if this approach can guarantee the smartphone’s success with the public, who may have little time to “get used to” the novelty.

Google Notepad, The Google Leaflet, Will Debut In 2023

The latest rumors wanted him to have decided to call the foldable smartphone he is working on Pixel Notepad. And that it was ready to launch in 2022. The only future device not announced at the Google I / O conference, perhaps not to take away space for the long-awaited Pixel Watch. But now it looks like the launch has been postponed because the product still wouldn’t be as complete as Google wants. 

However, the company has already found the supplier for the display: Samsung, which will adopt the technology seen in the Galaxy Z for the 7.58 screen of Pixel Notepad. But the fact that Google has announced, albeit without going into details, products coming this summer, autumn, and even next year (with Pixel Tablet), gives rise to skepticism. Many commentators think a leaflet could be the next step for Google, perhaps with a Tensor processor and a dedicated operating system version. But without an announcement in sight and with new delays, the project risks being sidelined.


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