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How To Find And Delete Duplicate Files From A Computer

They are among the primary drivers of dialing back and topping off the PC. We are discussing copy records, pointless copies that occupy the room, PC assets, dial-back execution, and addressing a security issue. Copy records are a “quiet” yet progressively present peculiarity, which can “flood” even the most performing machine over the long haul. 

Most importantly, a log jam has no utilization for a cleaning activity that we can go about without issues or dangers unequivocally because no record will be eliminated, just duplicates of something very similar. Even though it is a gamble-free activity, eliminating copied documents ought not to be an activity to be performed physically. Utilizing exceptional instruments to look at and eliminate copy documents is smarter.

Why Are There Duplicate Files On My Computer?

The presence of duplicate files on your computer is caused by various factors, partly attributable to human intervention. In fact, when we are in a hurry, we often forget about temporary copies, to check the contents of a flash drive before copying it to the desktop, and perhaps even that the file they sent us has already been saved in another location. There are, therefore, various causes that can lead to the creation of this type of file and in particular:

  1. Double download of the same file: very often, you download a file, place it in the destination folder and then forget you have done it. So here we will proceed to a second download, perhaps placing the new copy in a different destination. This operation could be repeated several times, especially for files attached to emails and those downloaded from the web.
  2. Backup too conscientious: if you do not use a special tool but rely on the manual copying of files to create backup copies, you could often copy the same files and folders in different backup locations.
  3. File transfer via Copy and Paste: this operation, perhaps also performed via keyboard shortcuts, allows us to easily transport files from one path to another. The copy, however, does not delete the original files but leaves them in place, providing only for creating a duplicate. The problems of this copy system are then amplified when local duplicates are created by mistake during the copy, which increases the possible problems even more.

Why Do You Need To Delete Duplicate Files From Your Computer?

Deleting duplicate files is an operation that we should often do if we care about our computer’s integrity, speed, and processing capacity. Over time, duplicate files can reach significant volumes that can saturate our memory devices. Besides that, each duplicated file slows down the operations of the computer and those mandatory for the creation of backup systems. Keeping duplicate files then ruins the management and organization of files, making organized systems too chaotic and confusing. Eliminating duplicate files should therefore be part of our computer maintenance routine. 

To do it in the best possible way, however, we cannot rely on manual searches or sporadic interventions. However, we must choose a professional solution that guarantees us excellent results without risks. Manually deleting files in Windows is not advisable, as it takes a lot of time and could cause problems (by deleting important files) that risk significantly compromising the functionality of the computer and the software installed on them.

The Best Program To Delete Duplicate Files From A Computer: Is 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter

Having discovered the significance of this cleaning activity and its difficulty in performing it “the hard way,” the time has come to pick programming to play out this activity. Our pick in such a manner is, without a doubt, 4DDiG Copy Document Deleter, a copy record remover from Tenorshare. It is a light application fit for distinguishing 100 percent of the copy records on the PC without risk on the primary run.

We picked it since it permits us to find the reviews of the records to be eliminated on the hard drive and cell phones, USB sticks, outside drives, and organization stockpiling arrangements, for example, Google Drive and Dropbox. Killing copy records with 4DDiG is especially basic because the record with a solitary execution, as of now, perceives every one of the necessary documents, reports, as well as sound, video, and photos. Security is then greatest because this product dissects the record’s name and layered trademark rules to confirm with conviction that it is a copy.

How To Use It?

Using this software is very simple for a procedure that can be summarized in four simple steps that allow you to find and eliminate duplicate files. Here they are:


After simply running the software, the search system will start. Selecting the folder or path to analyze is simple and immediate, thanks to the “responsive” interface of the software.

Scan Mode

We can characterize the inquiry models better before beginning the quest for copy documents. We must press the stuff molded button and select the best boundaries for our pursuit from those shown in the settings. We can pick which documents to remember for the hunt, whether to bar specific envelopes from the output, search, and rundown the records by size and set numerous choices that will permit us to redo the examination.

One Last Check

The software must be at the user’s service, and 4DDiG demonstrates this also in this phase. After selecting the files automatically or according to the criteria established by the user, the software lists the result of its search. We can look further at what the software has done automatically at this stage before proceeding with the cleaning.


At this point, we will be able to proceed with the removal of the files identified and verified by us. To do this, simply press the ” Remove ” button and confirm the subsequent request to proceed with the elimination.


In the medium term, duplicate files can cause a considerable slowdown in system performance and an unnecessary lengthening of backup times. Useless and expensive slowdowns can be solved brilliantly and immediately in your digital toolbox, a software that can find duplicate files. When finding duplicate files, our pick is undoubtedly 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter.

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