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How To Take Screenshots On A Chromebook

If you utilize your PC for work, screen captures, and screen recordings are logically indispensable to your daily practice to catch a thought or show content to a partner. In any case, even at a homegrown level, the device is convenient, mainly if you cause your mom’s significant other to comprehend that the messages are returned to him because @gmail.coN and @gmail.coM are unique. 

If you have, as of late, entered the universe of Chromebooks, you might be somewhat confused because ChromeOS contrasts with macOS or Windows. In any case, you can relax because it’s not difficult to make! So how about we perceive how to take screen captures with Chromebook in 2023 from the console, Speedy Activities, or outsider devices, while here you can track down how to do them on Windows 11 or iPhone.

How To Take Screenshots On A Chromebook With A Keyboard Shortcut

One of the most straightforward ways of taking a screen capture on a Chromebook is to utilize critical blends. You have three accessible, contingent upon the gadget you use. On all Chromebooks, this is Shift+Ctrl+Show Windows (the key with a square shape with two lines on the right, situated in the top column of the console). If you’re utilizing an outer console or have transformed an old PC into a Chromebook with ChromeOS Flex, you can utilize the accompanying critical mix, all things being equal: Shift+Ctrl+F5. 

Some Chromebooks have a screen capture button close to the Show Windows button, making the activity significantly more open. These blends will open the screen capture bar, which will permit you to settle on certain decisions, for example, whether to take a screen capture or record a video of the screen (regardless of sound), to:

  1. The whole screen: a portion of the screen – A rectangle will appear whose size you can adjust by dragging the edges.
  2. A window: Move the cursor over the windows; they will light up. Click on the window you want to screenshot or record.

Once you have chosen, click on the Acquire button, which you will find in the center of the selection. If, instead, you press the combination Ctrl + Show Windows (or F5). You will directly take a screenshot of the screen rather than of a window or a portion.

How To Take Screenshots On A Chromebook From Quick Actions

If, for some reason, you don’t remember the hotkeys, ChromeOS offers you an easy alternative to taking a screenshot, which is a convenient button in Quick Actions. Here’s how to use it.

  1. Click on the taskbar at the base right to see the ongoing time.
  2. Speedy Activities will open.
  3. Click on the screen catch button at the upper right.
  4. The screen capture bar will open, permitting you to pick whether to take a screen capture, a recording of the screen, or a piece of it.

More Ways To Take A Screenshot On A Chromebook 

There are other ways to take a screenshot on a Chromebook.

With Side Buttons

If your Chromebook has a tablet mode, one method for taking a screen capture is by utilizing the side buttons. The activity is equivalent to taking a screen capture with an Android cell phone: press the power and volume down keys simultaneously, and a screen capture of the screen will be taken. The issue is that you will not have the option to choose to take only one section (however, you can transform it later, obviously).

With Stylus

If your Chromebook has a pointer, you can take a screen capture. That is the secret.

  1. Eliminate the stylus from the holder.
  2. Click on the pen symbol in the taskbar (the stylus apparatus).
  3. Select Screen Capture or Region Capture (to take a partial screenshot).

With Google Assistant

Google Assistant is always at your service; you can simply ask it to take a screenshot on your Chromebook. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Empower the Google Partner by going to Settings (click on All Applications at the base left and select Settings).
  2. From the left board, click on Search and Partner.
  3. In the focal window, click on Google Partner.
  4. Initiate the button close to Off (if it isn’t dynamic).
  5. Close to Hello Google, click the drop-down menu and select Consistently. You might have to have it perceive your voice (this will possibly work, assuming that your Chromebook is charging).
  6. You can say, “Hello Google, take a screen capture.”
  7. On the other hand, you can enact Google Collaborator by tapping the Associate symbol in the hunt bar when you open Chromebook search and composing or saying, “Take a screen capture.”

How To Use The Screenshot Bar

The screenshot bar offers a simple and immediate interface to allow you to choose between screenshots and recording, the portion of the screen to photograph, and other options. Send off the Screen capture instrument using the Screen capture key, Ctrl+Shift+Show Windows (F5), or Speedy Activities mix. The screen capture bar opens.

Pick between

  1. Take a screen capture (camera symbol)
  2. Make a recording (camera symbol).

Pick whether to obtain

  1. The entire screen
  2. A part of the screen
  3. A window

On the right, you will find the Settings symbol that permits you to

  1. Pick the decision about whether to quiet the amplifier during accounts. This element permits you to record a video of your screen with your portrayal. If you likewise need video, enact the Webcam in the step underneath.
  2. Deactivate or not the Webcam during video accounts (whenever enacted, it will show a round enclosed at the base right, which you will see talk).
  3. Pick the envelope where you need to save your screen captures or accounts (as a matter of course, it is the Downloads organizer).

Where Screenshots Are Saved

As referenced, accounts and screen captures are saved in the Downloads envelope. You can change the area by tapping on Ctrl+Shift+Show windows (or F5), choosing the stuff symbol in the Screen capture bar, and tapping on the Select envelope to pick the organizer where to save pictures and recordings.

At the point when you take a screen capture, it will show up as a thumbnail in a spring-up window simply over the Fast Activities menu. Beneath it, you will track down two buttons: Alter or Erase. If you click Alter, a manager will open that permits you to perform essential errands, for example, trimming, pivoting, resizing, making explanations, or altering a few redresses.

A similar proofreader will open by clicking. If you click on Erase, you will erase the screen capture. While assuming you click on the thumbnail, the organizer where you chose to save the screen captures will open. A supportive element is that when you take a screen capture, it is consequently duplicated to the clipboard, so you can glue it any place you need without going through the saved records.

How To Take A Screenshot On A Chromebook With Apps And Extensions

But you are not limited to the built-in tool for taking screenshots on your Chromebook. Here are some third-party solutions.


Lightshot is one of the most unique applications for taking screen captures, and it is additionally accessible for Chromebooks as an augmentation. As well as explaining and altering pictures (with trimming instruments, adding bolts, lines, or foggy spots), Lightshot additionally permits you to take screen captures of any application and save the shots on their servers to have them accessible anyplace. Sadly, you can take screen captures inside the program. Find Lightshot here, click Add, and then Add Extension.


GoFullPage is another ideal screen capture device, which, like Lightshot, permits you to take screen captures just in the program window. The Expansion doesn’t need weird authorizations and permits you to handily take screen captures, alter them, add explanations, lines, texts, obscure, and crop. Pictures can be saved as PDF, PNG, or JPG.

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